Just do it!

The word for today is do it ! 
There are two types of people. Those who act when they feel ready to act and those who act even if they do not feel ready, knowing that their good deeds will also produce the right emotions. 
It is not the emotions that control our actions, but our actions that control our emotions! 
Knowing what is the right thing to do, even if we don’t feel like doing it, always brings lasting fruit to our lives. 
How many of us today know clearly what they have to do but falter because not supported by their emotions? 
Emotions are like electric wires that come into contact in the wrong way creating short circuits. 
The right actions are those processes that put the right wires in contact with each other in order to produce energy and not short-circuits. 
For people of faith, the challenge is to act according to their conscience, not because it makes them feel good, but because it is the right thing to do! 
The essence of relativism lies in the emotions: we do what makes us feel good! 
This emotional anarchy produces short circuits that cause the confusion and the injustice in which we live today. 
The Apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 7, that he knew what was the right thing to do but he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t have the right emotions and, therefore, was doing what he didn’t want to do!
Simply put, never let your emotions dictated the details of your actions. 
The chapter ends with the question: Who shall bring me out of this trap? 
In Romans8, Paul says that Jesus is his model and example who saves him from this confusion because he reveals the meaning of life: get in connection with our creator! 
In Ephesians Paul concludes this argument by saying that salvation has the aim of producing good works, that is, good deeds, prepared, and this is the gem, for those who act righteously! 
Act righteously and your emotions will produce light and not short-circuits. 
Just do it!
Guy Sottile

The power of the will!

The word for today is willing!
Our will always derives from a strong passion to achieve something. 
Passion is practically the fuel of the will.
Everyone, probably, knows the saying that where there’s a will there is always a way!
Many, unfortunately, think the contrary!
If they find the way then and only then, they find the will to follow it but this is deceptive!
All roads almost always have detours and slow-downs.
Therefore many find the will only if they find the way, and lose it when the road is gone.
The one who has the will always find an alternative and does not stop when obstacles slow down the path. On the contrary, their will becomes stronger and more determined if challenged!
The will always find the way to achieve our goals: where there is a will there is a way!
What is clouding your will today?
Perhaps the awareness of doing something for which you have no passion?
It takes courage to make our choices and not do what others have chosen for us.
Find within yourself the right choices, catch them with courage and passion and intentionally do them with a firm and decisive act of your will. 
Then and only then, the road will be paved before you! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is people! 
My job takes me to come in contact with an incredible number of people. Often I am finding myself in the middle of a city feeling overwhelmed by the people and it makes me desire to be in a desert island where to find space and tranquility. 
Thinking about it, however, I find that my desire is a result of the fact that I am always surrounded by people, and therefore do not appreciate them just because I always have them around. 
The truth is that often we do not appreciate what we have! 
Imagine being alone in an island like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. 
Just think at the discouragement of the actor to find out that on the island he is alone and isolated! 
The truth is that we were created to interact and by ourself this fundamental purpose can not be achieved! 
People are the field where every man and woman must sow during his lifetime. Each and everyone of us has a unique and original seed to plant, care for and watch it grow. 
Clearly not every seed falls on fertile ground but that does not mean we should stop sowing. In fact in our lifetime there will be at least one person who will bring the fruit of our sowing and this justifies our existence! 
It is an irrefutable principle to understand that without people we can not achieved anything! 
Identify the right people, with the right soil where our seed can provide and offer them the right direction! 
Who are the people you are investing in? What seed can you sow in someone life and without which those people will not produce lasting fruit ? 
Most people sow to bring fruit to their own interests and not to make someone else fertile life fruitful! 
Think of the people around you, which are the ones are the right ones to invest your life in? 
People are attracted to us because we are always in the prices of adding value to each and everyone of them. 
That’s why the great men in history have always attracted people to themselves: they had the right seeds to sow in the lives of the people they came in contact with! 
We too have something to offer and without people our mission is surely impossible to achieve! 
Invest this new day adding value to others around you and you will find the true meaning of your life! 
Guy Sottile


How big are your expectations?
In life we reach targets that are proportional to our expectations! When expectations are higher than our possibilities we experience disappointments.
Therefore we must develop our strengths and our talents and set our expectations accordingly!
It is told that an older person was watching a young fisherman who was fishing with a line.
Strangely when he caught big fish he would throw them back into the sea and when fished fish of about 15 inches, he would put them in the bucket.
After observing this action repeatedly, the older man went to the young chap and asked him what was the logic behind throwing the great fish back and retaining only the smaller ones.
The young man replied: Sir, I own only a frying pot that is 15 inches wide!
The pot represents the measure of our expectations! 
Develop your talents, invest on yourself and go on for big things, in order to expect great things in return!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is pride! 
This word has caused many leaders to be defeated. The main reason lies in the fact that the success they achieved has led them to think they were invincible, feeding their egos and making them believe that the world revolved around them. 
Using and manipulating others instead than serving others with the talents and gifts of our personalities and abilities, is a mark of pride! 
Instead of helping others, serving others, add value to others, the prideful leaders begin to think that the others have to help them and serve them. 
Now there is a pride that hurts and a pride that is good. 
The pride that hurts is what puts myself in the middle and this will damage my relationship with others. The pride that is good is what drives me to do my work with excellence, constantly raising the bar in order to effectively reach my goals. 
This is the pride of seeing others improve thanks to my investment in their lives, to practice what I teach, creating sound patterns to follow.
Let’s be , then, careful not to be confused , one pride we will hurt and another will do us good. 
The first, sooner or later will make us fall, and the second will make us great leaders.
 Examine yourself, remove the bad pride and reveal the positive one without any false humility! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is fantastic!
This word is used to share something out of the ordinary.
Our every action, business or achievement through hard work and creativity is defined fantastic!
For this reason this great word is used to define something pragmatic and real and not stories that belong to the book of dreams.
However, the same word has a root that lies in the imagination!
That’s because every great achievement is such if it comes from our creativity and imagination!
Be pragmatic, but always ready to draw from your imagination.
Use your imagination to create actions worthy of being qualified FANTASTIC!
You can live without knowledge but never without imagination and fantasy (Albert Einstein).
For people of faith like me all our actions should be fantastic because they are supported by faith in what you and I can not see! 
Perhaps this is the reason why one verse of the Bible states that WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD!
May your coming week be a fantastic one !!!!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is integrity! 
The new authority in leadership today does not lie in positions or titles but in being AUTHENTIC. 
Integrity allows the leader to have an authority that titles and positions can never give! 
Let me explain why!
 Integrity alone does not make people leaders. I know many people of integrity, good people who do not know how a leader should lead! 
Nevertheless, the lack of integrity DISQUALIFY a person to be a leader worthy to lead! 
This is because when people follow a leader they pose three questions: 
The leader cares for me and wants my best? 
The leader can help me and add value to my life? 
Is the leader worthy of my trust? 
This last question has to do with the integrity of the leader. 
People will not follow a leader who is not worthy of their trust for a long period of time, in fact as soon as their trust is betrayed they immediately abandon him! 
The currency that makes a leader a leader of success is his ability to have the confidence of others, to be trustworthy! 
As a leader my first responsibility is not to learn everything there is to know about leadership, but being a person of integrity! 
If I can be whole, and so have the confidence of others, then I will develop relationships with which I can influence others, and given that leadership is influence, if I am able to influence I can be valued as a successful leader! 
Therefore, at the base of a healthy leadership there must be integrity, a value, unfortunately, often forgotten by our leaders today! 
Guy Sottile