The word for today is integrity! 
The new authority in leadership today does not lie in positions or titles but in being AUTHENTIC. 
Integrity allows the leader to have an authority that titles and positions can never give! 
Let me explain why!
 Integrity alone does not make people leaders. I know many people of integrity, good people who do not know how a leader should lead! 
Nevertheless, the lack of integrity DISQUALIFY a person to be a leader worthy to lead! 
This is because when people follow a leader they pose three questions: 
The leader cares for me and wants my best? 
The leader can help me and add value to my life? 
Is the leader worthy of my trust? 
This last question has to do with the integrity of the leader. 
People will not follow a leader who is not worthy of their trust for a long period of time, in fact as soon as their trust is betrayed they immediately abandon him! 
The currency that makes a leader a leader of success is his ability to have the confidence of others, to be trustworthy! 
As a leader my first responsibility is not to learn everything there is to know about leadership, but being a person of integrity! 
If I can be whole, and so have the confidence of others, then I will develop relationships with which I can influence others, and given that leadership is influence, if I am able to influence I can be valued as a successful leader! 
Therefore, at the base of a healthy leadership there must be integrity, a value, unfortunately, often forgotten by our leaders today! 
Guy Sottile

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