Guidelines for a successful 2017

One of the biggest challenges for man is explaining time. 
Since life flows like a river, and is constantly changing, time is hard to catch and stop. 
Time is always on the move. 
At the beginning of a new year, symbolically, we all celebrate the time past and time to come. 
We all make promises and commit ourselves once and for all, forgetting that the promises and commitments need to be maintained on an ongoing basis. 
Let’s commit ourselves, intentionally, to not accepting our life but leading our life!
Let us therefore live our lives moment by moment, and keep our promises and commitments, moment by moment as we enter 2017. 
Three challenges for the new year. 
Let us eliminate all those things that do not matter, and defile our character negatively. 

The same way people do in Naples following an old tradition, let us throw down our window old things, unnecessary and negative things, thoughts, people and behaviors! 
Let’s focus on our strengths and not our weaknesses. 

Let’s use our talents to the fullest! There are no speed limits for improving our life!
Expect big things for the new year. 

Only if we undertake great things we can expect great things! 
Wishing you a profitable and blessed 2017!
Guy and Sondra Sottile


The word for today is imagination! 
Both you and I know that to be successful you have to get out of the box of conventional thinking and set in motion the creativity that is inherent in all of us. 
The great Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. He assigned to his imagination the secret of his discoveries! 
The one who uses his imagination does not see things differently from others. He interprets things differently from others. 
If you encounter a problem, using your imagination and creativity allows you not to see the problem but, on the contrary, to see the innovative solution to the problem. 
The positive person is not the one that ignores or does not see the obstacles in life, but the one who interprets them as a springboard to new discoveries and new horizons to conquer! 
The imagination goes beyond what you see. Imagination is the connection between the mind and the heart that interprets what is seen as an opportunity to add value to ourselves and to all those around us! 
Imagination is the turbo of life! Everything we see will have the turbo, the momentum that leads us to act above the average. 
If our actions do not project images of what we would like to see and are common and repetitive, we only use 2.000 neurons. But if we project images of what we would like to see, thinking outside of the box, then we use over 4 billion neurons !

As a man of faith, I believe that imagination is the secular word for faith. 
By faith Abraham leaves the status quo in search of new discoveries. 
By faith he brings to sacrifice Isaac, knowing by Faith and then imagining, that God would do a miracle and would save him. 
By faith and therefore imagination, I face the challenges of life in a creative way looking to discover new horizons and see in every obstacle an opportunity to add value to my life! 
Therefore, make a commitment to interpret the events of your life as a positive turning point and no one will be able to stop you! 
In the words of Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment: 
“May your choices reflect your hopes (imaginations) and not your fears”! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is elasticity.
Philippians 3:12 states” ..but I strive ( stretch) to lay hold of that for which CHRIST Jesus also laid hold of me”. 
 When we think of a rubber band the only way to use it is to pull it, stretch it and make it longer to keep more things together. 
If the rubber band is not pulled it can not justify its existence and it is useless! 
So is our life. We were created to be constantly pulled, to improve our performance, to hold together more useful things to justify our mission in life. 
When I teach a leadership lesson I like to put rubber bands of various color and size on the seat of the participants. 
At the right moment I tell them to see how they can use each rubber band, and inevitably they pull it to see how much it can be stretched. 
We all are different, we come from different cultures, work and backgrounds BUT we have the same function which is to always stretch and widen our horizons in order to justify our existence. 
The one who does not stretch and remains static is dead even though he has not officially announced it! 
What do you do to broaden your horizons and improve yourself? 
The only benefit that we can give to the people we love and we come in contact with is that we always try to improve, try to learn to be more effective, in order to positively influence our life and the life of others. 
How are you investing your time and your resources to improve yourself in order to make a mark in the lives of others?
 My challenge to you is to find the way to improve yourself so that you can add value to others. 
Let the elastic part of your life be constantly stretched and you will come out of an anonymous existence and give real meaning to your daily actions!
Guy Sottile 


The word for today is LIFE!
A group of psychiatrists has recently met in a mega conference to define the word life.
At the end of the congress the result was that life is stress! 
This concept is certainly accurate since the pressure and stress are the primary components of our daily lives. Therefore our response to stress determines the quality of our lives. 
The question that I ask myself about it, is if we are able to control our lives, that is our daily stress, or if it is stress that controls our lives. 
I believe we must begin by focusing daily on the mission that we have been given for our lives by acting intentionally and not reacting to daily stress. 
We must have a positive sense in our life, preparing our actions in order not to waste time in repairing any wrong action! 
Our life is a preparation and not a reparation. Let’s prepare and not repair!
Today brings us closer or farther from the goal we have set for ourselves. 
Jesus teaches us that we shouldn’t be anxious and victims of stress, knowing that what happens to us is allowed by God for a purpose. 
The apostle Paul declares that while the external man gets beat up, the internal man growth as a result and if we are big inside we will become big outside!
The choice is ours! 
Let’s determine not to be stressed but let’s press for the prize that is before us!
Stress in life is an event, it is not a person, let’s use it to give wings to our spirit, only then LIFE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!
Guy Sottile


Dear friends!
 I would like to share with you what Christmas means to me. 
The first thing that comes to my mind is the word DIGNITY. 
At a time of great social and financial crisis, complaining does not seem to be the best thing to do especially for those who call themselves Christians! 
Joseph and Mary did not complain about the failure to find a suitable place to give birth to Jesus, but with DIGNITY, they found a place, even if humble, to proceed with the plan of God for their lives. 
They certainly would have liked a better place, but if they only complained they would lose not only their dignity but also the opportunity to fulfill the plan of God in their lives. 
In hard and critical moments, we have a choice: either lose our dignity or work hard to find an alternative to accomplish God’s plan for our lives! 
The second word that comes to my mind is ALTERNATIVE. 
Joseph and Mary with dignity were looking for an alternative and found it in a stable. 
They do not have heating but find an ox and a donkey to produce heat. 
They do not have a CRIBB but find a manger. 
They do not have light but they do get a full moon and the stars. 
If there is dignity we always can find an alternative, motivated by the fact that the plan of God will always be accomplished if we allow ourselves to be guided by Him! 
Someone said that God creates a road where it seems not there be one! 
The third word that comes to mind is FILTER. 
In times of crisis, I always wonder WHY, why me, why God does not seem to provide. 
The main reason is that our alternatives that seem crazy to human minds always create a filter through which God connects us to the right people who love us for who we are and what we stand for and not for what we have and show. 
The Magi worshiped Jesus, the King, for what it was, even if he was born in a stable! 
I am convinced that what we are is way more important than what we do and show off. 
Christmas makes clear from the beginning that Jesus is the Son of God, who is great within and who is interested in changing our hearts rather than our outward appearance! 
Therefore my wish is that this Christmas we will remove unnecessary earthly complaints and reveal in our lives DIGNITY, ALTERNATIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE FILTERS through which we will test the people with whom we want to invest our lives to fulfill the plan that God has in mind for each and everyone of us!
 Merry Christmas! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is enthusiasm! 
This word comes from the greek and consists of two concepts: en, meaning in, and theos meaning God. 
Literally the word means HAVE GOD IN YOU! 
Over time, the person WITH ENTHUSIASM is always positive, joyful, self-confident! This is because he believes in a destiny that leads to success. 
This attitude does not always last long because often what we thought was a success turns out to be short-lived and not sustainable.

 In other words, the enthusiastic person believes to be God, master of its own destiny, but when the defeat comes all these premises are put into crisis and, perhaps for this reason, enthusiastic people turn out, over time, in people who are depressed and lacking in initiative . 
That is why they are described as “romantic” in the sense that they depend for their enthusiasm on their emotions, and emotions, unfortunately, often change! 
 The real excitement is acquired when a person is in line with his creator who has a perfect plan for his life. 
This alignment produces not a feeling or an emotion but a CONVICTION to be in the right path, the path marked out for us by the One who created us and who has a personal mission for all of us. 
We are not an accident but an entity with a unique purpose. 
This principle is the root of our enthusiasm and it is not an ephemeral one but a lasting one! 
To have enthusiasm, we must always ask ourselves if God lives in us and if He is the one who is leading our lives. 
The Apostle Paul, one of the greatest historical leaders, said that Jesus is in us is the hope of glory (POWER). 
He stated that with Jesus we are more than conquerors! 
Paul reaches the maximum when he says IT IS NO LONGER I WHO LIVES BUT CHRIST LIVES IN ME! 
Take back the enthusiasm that has left many of us in MEDIOCRITY and anonymity and remove from the throne of your life the EGO replacing it with GOD! 
I wish you an exciting week FULL OF ENTHUSIASM! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is unique!
 One of the hidden concepts of our day is the uniqueness of each of us. Although it is difficult to comprehend, with all the billions of men and women in the world, you and I are UNIQUE! 
There are not fingerprints equal, there are not DNA equal. Each of us is an original! The awareness of our uniqueness is one of the strongest motivations that exist! 
A great teacher and author, Joyce Meyer, once said that God will help you become the best of yourself but NEVER WILL HELP YOU BECOME EQUAL TO ANOTHER PERSON YOU KNOW!
Knowing that we are unique leads us to understand that we have a unique and special mission. 
It teaches us to appreciate our every similar even if he/she is not equal to us. 
It widens our mental boundaries and takes away from us every desire of discrimination. 
It prompts us to seek unity in diversity. 
It grows in us the desire to add value and invest on others, knowing that every life has a uniqueness that enriches the community. 
Who does not believe in the uniqueness of his life tends to remain in the status quo, in anonymity. He is dead even if he has not yet made it official. 
Do you believe in being a unique person with a unique purpose and a unique contribution that only you can give and is there an enthusiasm that becoming the best you can ever be will affect you and those around you?
Darwin said that man comes from monkeys. Well, the monkey copies, hence the saying monkey see monkey do. 
 Man, on the other hand, creates and leaves a trace of its uniqueness. 
This is the reason why God created us and gave us power by assigning to each of us a specific and unique task ! 

 You and I are unique! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is implementation! 
This word does not belong, unfortunately, to our everyday vocabulary. 
We do not hear it or apply it often to our life. 
Many think that implementation is an unconscious action that is part of the automatism of our being. 
When we get up in the morning we implement actions like washing, getting dressed and go to work. At work we do, automatically, so many things even if our mind is focused on other thoughts and priorities. 
Well this kind of implementation makes us live but does not make us grow! 
Implementing means to intentionally start a process that leads us to achieve our goal! 
Implementation is the beginning, and without it, there are only good intentions that do not lead anywhere and do not make us grow! 
The importance of implementation is rendered the most by the saying: “Who starts well ends well” or even “Who starts well is halfway there.” 
For those who want to grow and successfully achieve the purpose of their life, implementing is an action that becomes indispensable. 
What are those things that you know are right to do and yet find it difficult to implement? 
You have to start and you have to do it now! 
Begin to implement because this is the most important step to start the path to success! 
Who starts well is halfway there but who does not start is never in the race! 
No to implement intentionally is the greatest obstacle to be overcome in order to get the most out of our lives. 
The Bible says that today is the day of salvation. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but TODAY! 
Implement your decisions today, start today your new adventure, don’t push it to tomorrow, this is the only way to enter in the race in order to achieve the objectives you have set for your life!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is Honor!
When I think about honor I think about a ceremony where someone gets recognized for his loyal, creative and courageous service. 
I think about applauses, medals and several speeches to honor the person worth of this recognition. 
This is good but there is more. 
For me honor is a daily attitude of people of integrity who in spite of the fact that they are recognized or not, , do the right things with discipline and faithfulness. 
They do it not for recognition but because they are passionate about the principles that lease their life, regardless of their personal recognition. 
When a few years back Italian music writer Ennio Morricone ( author of all the spaghetti western movies like the good, the bad and the ugly and many more ) received the academy award in LA FOR HIS CAREER , he said:
I want to dedicate this Oscar to the many musicians who deserve it but will never get it!
That’s it! Honor is not a recognition but a daily attitude displayed by the real heroes of everyday life. 
To sum it up, honor is not what others say and show you but WHAT YOU KNOW YOU REALLY ARE!
Are you a real hero worth of honor or someone looking for honor to become a hero?
May this question sink down strong in our daily actions. 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is frustration!
Each of us is subject to frustrations.
It would be correct to say that frustrations are part of our lives!
When things do not go in the direction that we think to be right, we suffer a whiplash injury, and we experience the symptoms of frustration!
Just like whiplash serves to tame or punish a person, the same whiplash can serve to encourage and incite!
The successful person knows that frustrations are part of life , they hurt and leave wounds but over time they heal and disappear.
This awareness creates the belief that frustration must be accepted not as a punishment but as a spur to create in us the right character in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.
The frustrations of the lashes are all the same but the reaction to them determines the difference between who wins and who loses.
Do not allow frustrations you meet daily make you a loser but use them for stronger growling and reach your goal!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is far-sighted! 
“The person of success sees ahead of others”!
 Human nature leads us to react to every event and circumstance of life. From the moment we get up in the morning if the sky is gray also we tend to be gray. If we are contradicted our attitude is negatively affected and so are our actions. 
If something does not go according to plan we tend to react to align everything and solve the obstacles in the immediacy. 
Being far- sighted does not happen spontaneously but is the main feature of those who wish to succeed in life! 
“The person of success sees ahead of others”!
The problems of today do not distract him/her from because the eyes are fixed at the finish line. 
Foresight knows that the obstacles and challenges are deviations that lead us in the right path to get to the finishing line. 
Foresight produces tenacity to grab the prize prepared for us and win the negativity of today. 
Jesus of Nazareth, for the joy that was before him (farsightedness) bear the cross (Hebrews12 ) because it was the springboard for his resurrection! 
The cross is the sacrifice and determination that every person must have to achieve the life you have always wanted to live. We all have a cross to take and big or small, it is always heavy! 
The difference between winners and losers is precisely LOOKING AHEAD TO THE FINISHING LINE! 
Guy Sottile