The paradox of Unity!

The paradox of the UNITY!
The mistake that is made in searching for unity is to believe that being united means never to have conflicts and that they are resolved in favor of the strongest and most influential!
The secret of Unity lies in the concept of community.
The characteristic of Unity is not the lack of conflicts but a spirit of reconciliation!
Unity is an utopia because each of us has unique resources to share and is a unique creation.
The concept of community transforms the utopia of UNITY into a splendid reality!
Being part of a community means that we have differences but we are part of the same tribe!
If we get together to be United we will never do anything and our action will always be weak and harmless.
But if we think of ourselves as a community, a tribe, then and only then, we will do amazing things !!!!
Guy Sottile


A piano sits in a room, gathering dust. It is full of the music of the masters, but in order for such strains to flow from it, fingers must strike the keys … trained fingers, representing endless hours of disciplined dedication. You do not have to practice. The piano neither requires it nor demands it. If, however, you want to draw a beautiful music from the piano, that discipline is required….You do no have to pay the price to grow and expand intellectually. The mind neither requires it nor demands it. If, however, you want to experience the joy of discovery and the pleasure of plowing new and fertile soil, effort is required.

Light won’t automatically shine upon you nor will truth silently seep into your head by means of rocking-chair osmosis.

It’s up to you. It’s your move!


The word for today is transformation!
This is a word that it is not easy to apply in our individual lives. 
It implies that something is not right with us or in us and we need to change. 
Transformation comes when a person is not satisfied with the status quo and it takes place when our pride is intentionally set aside in order to see a positive change in us and the world around us. 
Ultimately, transformation is a choice that we make and it must start in our hearts.
 In other words it must be a passionate decision that includes also our emotions. 
When the heart is transformed, then and only then , the mind is renewed and transformation takes place in our actions!
The person that seeks transformation counting only on the power of the mind will sooner or later fail unless supported by the passion of the heart!
So let’s go to action and consider those things we need to change in order to see a personal and intentional transformation in our life!
One important advice though: Let’s change one thing at a time and always one day at the time.  
If we can change during one day, why not two days, and then three and so on?
The secret is embracing change one day at a time!
We can read these thoughts and decide to change and embrace transformation or keep things the way they are and experience deterioration. We either get better or worse, we either change for the better or we will be changed for the worse. 
The choice is ours!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is Signature!
This short but strong word reveals, at the same time, two deep concepts.
The first refers to the will of those who sign up to accept the content they have made or that 
was submitted to them. 
Many sign up without pondering enough.
The second and most important concept highlights the identity of those who sign.
If the signer has no credibility, the reader does not trust the content of the signed document.
If the signature has credibility, then and only then, the reader believes in the signed content!
Having good intentions and signing them is not enough.
We must live intentionally and honor every signature that we put into every action of our lives!
Whoever reads you or follows you what does he see behind your signature?
Do they see a synthetic and superficial commitment or a serious and authentic commitment?
Our testimony always precedes us and it is like a signature.
When signing this thought I hope you see my true and intentional authenticity because whether 
we like it or not, behind a signature there is more than one’s name, there is our testimony!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is uncomfortable! 
None of us like to stay in uncomfortable positions. 
Whether traveling or whether we are at home reading a book, we like to have a quiet and comfortable place.
 In the events of life the same thing happens. Naively we think that to be comfortable save us a lot of trouble! 
Today I want to challenge you to look at what appears uncomfortable in a different light. 
Being uncomfortable motivates us to consider two important things. 
The first thing is to make us aware of not being in the right place or positioned as we ought to. 
The second thing is to motivate us to find a place more comfortable and suited to our needs and expectations.
 If our life was always easy then it would be a static life where our creativity and energy would never be used. 
We would be static beings and would get bored to death. 
Being uncomfortable motivates us to achieve new goals, to change things, to update our objectives. In a nutshell be uncomfortable makes our life interesting, new and fills us with new emotions.
From experience I must say that I have learned to be comfortable in accepting what is uncomfortable because I learned to improve the quality of my life and of those around me who follow me. 
Accept, therefore, what you think to be uncomfortable to be stimulated to achieve what is comfortable. 

Be comfortable in being uncomfortable!
Guy Sottile

Life is stress!

The word for today is LIFE!
A group of psychiatrists has recently met in a mega conference to define the word life.
At the end of the congress the result was that life is stress! 
This concept is certainly accurate since the pressure and stress are the primary components of our daily lives. Therefore our response to stress determines the quality of our lives. 
The question that I ask myself about it, is if we are able to control our lives, that is our daily stress, or if it is stress that controls our lives. 
I believe we must begin by focusing daily on the mission that we have been given for our lives by acting intentionally and not reacting to daily stress. 
We must have a positive sense in our life, preparing our actions in order not to waste time in repairing any wrong action! 
Our life is a preparation and not a reparation. Let’s prepare and not repair!
Today brings us closer or farther from the goal we have set for ourselves. 
Jesus teaches us that we shouldn’t be anxious and victims of stress, knowing that what happens to us is allowed by God for a purpose. 
The apostle Paul declares that while the external man gets beat up, the internal man growth as a result and if we are big inside we will become big outside!
The choice is ours! 
Let’s determine not to be stressed but let’s press for the prize that is before us!
Stress in life is an event, it is not a person, let’s use it to give wings to our spirit, only then LIFE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is perseverance!
In the daily challenges, there are many obstacles to overcome. Discouragement comes when it is doubtful that the goal to be achieved is worthy of our sacrifices. For this reason it is important to always make sure of the goodness of our goals. 
The goal always involves obstacles to overcome and much sweat to burn otherwise it would not be a serious goal to achieve! 
Perseverance is a word composed of two concepts: PER, in the Latin sense of crossing over , and SEVERE in the sense of hard difficulty. 
Crossing the severe obstacles that separate us from the goal is the meaning of perseverance. 
So if our goals are serious and have value, there will be severe obstacles in the way and with this in mind you have to be persistent. 
Perseverance is a typical attitude of brave people who, thanks to hard sacrifices reach great heights. 
Jesus is a great example of perseverance. The Bible says that he faced the cross with perseverance knowing that with the cross there would be justification of humanity and the resurrection. 
In Revelation, Jesus says that only those who endure to the end will receive the crown of life! 
Perseverance is a good word that characterizes the lives of those who are successful! I hope that this week you demonstrate perseverance in your ways and will refuse to complain which is typical of those who think they achieve their targets without addressing the obstacles on the way towards success. 
If life is a journey over the waves of the ocean to meet the goals we have set ourselves, then perseverance is the strong belief that there is land beyond the horizon!
 Guy Sottile


The word for today is distribution! 
One of the stories told by Jesus that strikes me particularly is the one of the talents. 
In this story Jesus tells of a master who distributes to three of his followers 5, 2 and 1 talent. 
Each person receives talents and gifts.
Not everyone receives the same number of talents but certainly everyone gets a talent to share. 
The heart of the story is what we do with the talents received, that is, if we keep them for us or distribute them to benefit others. 
The person who had received five talents, distributing and using them wisely managed to have success and so did the person who had received two talents. 
These two people understood that the reason why we are blessed with gifts, talents and abilities is to distribute them, investing them with the right people, thus increasing the intensity and the results of our lives. 
The one, instead, that received only 1 talent, hides it for fear to risk of losing it and therefore does not distribute it. 
He thinks that having one talent is not enough. He complains thus losing the ability to multiply and give a positive meaning to his life. 
Maybe he was afraid to “gamble” the only chance he had not realizing that it is not the number of talents that we receive that counts but if we invest and distribute them or not. 
It is interesting to note that the master takes away the hidden talent and gives it to those who had the determination to distribute theirs. 
What is your talent? Are you developing it and making it better? How are you distributing it? Are you using it to add value to others? 
Are you investing in the right people, who like you are ready to distribute what they have received?
Find your talents, do not keep them to yourself but multiply them in the name of distribution, the secret of a victorious and meaningful life! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is discipline! 
This is an absolute truth: if I can not be disciplined life will definitely become heavy for me! 
The central fact of this truth is that if I apply discipline, my life will become less heavy for me. If, on the contrary I am not disciplined, life itself will become increasingly heavy and difficult for me. 
Discipline requires to do what we need to do and not what we want to do! 
Most people expect to feel good before embarking on what they know is right to do. The disciplined person does what is right and expects to reap the fruits of his decision to feel good. 
Determination and discipline control our destiny feelings!
Today’s problems stem from the fact that we look at our rights and not our duties. 
Our rights because they make us feel good while duties require personal investment, sacrifices, and, therefore, discipline. 
At what level is your personal discipline today? How much time do you invest in doing what is right doing even if it requires effort and sacrifice? 
On a personal level, what grade do you give to your discipline? 
Athletes make discipline their driving force to win races that often do not lead to significant and lasting fruit for the common good. 
How much more should we apply discipline in order to change our lives, our family and our society.
 A biblical principle says that those who wait upon the Lord will fly as high as eagles, gain strength and not be weary. 
Waiting on the Lord means using discipline even if it requires sacrifices and does not show immediate results, knowing, however, that they will come at the right time! 
Discipline is like the water that the camel accumulates before crossing the desert and bears fruit in the tests of resistance, allowing us to cross the deserts of our lives! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is catching!
There are two types of people. Those who catch and those who want to be caught!
Those who want to be caught will almost always be disappointed.
They will wait for opportunities instead of looking for them.
They will not set the right priorities and lose control of their time.
They will hide behind their fears, thus escaping the attentions of those who can enjoy their talents.
Those who want to be caught are serious about staying in anonymity!
Who, on the contrary, catches is characterized by the desire to connect with the outside world.
He is driven by the desire to discover new relationships and to add with his talents value to others. 
Catch and take control of your life and your agenda and face each day with the positive hope of making a difference!
Forge your days with the conviction of making a difference, with something that makes a difference, along with people who make the difference at a time when you have to make a difference!
Do not wait to be grabbed but grab the dream and vision for which you were created!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is encouragement! 
There is no better remedy than encouragement. 
His healing power is able to lift the discouraged, comfort the afflicted, make strong the weak and rekindle the flame of hope inside.
 But the encouragement is like a vaccine with limited stock for severe and debilitating infirmities – we need it a lot more.
 The world is full of discouraging elements: bank accounts in red, deficient health, not getting a promotion, physical decline over the years, broken promises. You can probably think of many other sources of discouragement components to be added to this list. 
Considering the world around us, there seems to be a plentiful supply of other discouraging factors : the economy, global terrorism, war, poverty, the indiscriminate proliferation of various forms of abuse, social unrest of all kinds. 
The danger of focusing on these factors discouraging factors is that your perception can multiply exponentially. Everything is twisted and out of proportion! 
Someone wrote that: “who is discouraged, measures God according to his own model contract and limits the infinite power with its endless apprehensions.” 
When, in my own life I have been feeling depressed “with the wheels on the ground,” a friend gave me the following “prescription” four small “pills” to be taken four times a day when I would get up in the morning, one before lunch , one before dinner and the last just before going to sleep. In the case of growing feeling of discouragement and defeat, I was told to increase the dose. 
Although surrounded by discouraging circumstances, and when it seems there is no one available to tell us the much needed stimulus words, the recommendation of my friend has a sure cure for what is affecting us. 
This is the spiritual prescription that I received: 
The first pill is: Do look at your discouragement but be sure not to give too much value to what is less important. Refuse to allow small temporary discouragement dominate your thinking. “O my soul, never to be torn down, do not worry. Wait for God to act, He will do it. “(Psalm 4 . ) 
The second pill is: Do look carefully at yourself. Be partial in your favor trying to find the positives even in the most negative. “When a man is gloomy, everything seems to be ok, but when it s funny, it seems that all things go well. “(Proverbs 5: 5) 
The third pill is: Look closely to God, your Father, because He knows what you need and knows better than you, how and when to cater for your needs. “Call upon Me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” (Jeremiah . ) 
The fourth pill is: Look broadly your chances while you are climbing your “Mount Everest” – your apparent insurmountable obstacle -. Even when things seem hopeless, consider the alternatives available. With God there is always hope. “I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me strength and power.” (Philippians 4: )

Guy Sottile