The word for today is difficult!
The real difficulty is not in developing new ideas BUT in escaping from the old ones!

By nature, people always try to avoid the difficult things and the obstacles that life presents to them. 

But life is difficult and climbing to success is always on the rise!

When People ask me why our life is so difficult I always answer: what is the alternative?

There are no alternatives when you go uphill, if you do not push forward you are sucked in and you always return to the starting point!

So, if life is tough, you have to adopt an attitude that not only expects the difficulties but embraces them with discipline and determination!

Our destiny can not be controlled by emotions but by the determination we can be equipped to face our difficulties!

This is the reason why we must not only accept our life and its difficulties but we must lead it with the determination that every day can be overcome despite its difficulties!

Life is difficult but I can win if I have the right attitude that expects difficulties always knowing that paying the price always reach the prize!

Difficulties exist to develop our creativity, major component of a life worth living!
Guy Sottile

The word for today is WHY!

The word for today is why!
 When I think of this word I think of the little children who just start to talk. 

 They just ask the reason for everything. Their attitude is due to the fact that coming into this world they want to find out the why of everything in order to understand better the meaning of the things that make up their lives. 
Then just teenagers, it seems that the little that they know is enough to take the place of control of their lives and why, that is, the search for the truth of things, seems to diminish or even disappear. 
The word why should always be present in us for life and not just at its beginning.
 When we ask or wonder why, we open the door to dialogue. When dialoguing we listen to what others think, feel, and hope. In doing so we extend our knowledge, we enter the lives of others, we understand the actions unknown to us, and their motivations.
 Who wonders why is positioned to lead because wants to understand the nature of things that guide our daily actions and the actions of those around us. 
But this word is also very useful to understand ourselves and why we act according to our nature and especially why we have the character that we have. 
Why helps us relate to others. In his leadership Jesus often used the word why to encourage others to understand the reason for their actions, and almost always to show that these actions were the result of culture and tradition and not their own beliefs. 
This attitude led others to see their own inconsistencies and change their way of thinking and acting. 
Why is a good word, without it we feel like stuck in traffic in a metropolis, with it we see the journey of our lives and our relationships less chaotic and much clearer. 
So let’s start our day asking ourselves why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is self!
When I’m invited to conduct leadership courses in various nations, my question is always the same: How is your organization going?
Almost always the most important manager points out all the good things that his organization is doing.
Almost never, however, he puts himself into the question as if growing must be the organization and not those who run it!
Never the most important leader of the organization expresses the desire to be the first willing to grow because he does not understand that his growth will result in the growth of the organization!
In fact, growth begins with myself, with my will to grow because if we focus on our goals we can reach them, but we do not have the guarantee to grow on a personal level.
But if we focus on personal growth, that is, to grow ourselves, we will not only achieve our goals but we will have the guarantee to grow!
Everything rises or shatters on our ability to lead and on our ability and desire to grow and operate at full speed!
If we want to make our mission a sure success we must start with ourselves!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is excellence!
 This word is often obscured by a misconception of humility . 
Often people see arrogance and pride in those who strive to get out of the normal, and then from the norm to hurl at levels of excellence! 
In the past, people who had the responsibility to be above normal were identified by the word: excellence or even the word magnificent! 
Nobody pays attention to normal friends, normal programs, normal sporting events , normal services, and normal missions. 
People instead are ready to queue and pay a price for following events, teachings, actions, attitudes that go outside the norm and dive in excellence. 
If we offer services and show an influence outside of the normal then and only then will we have a following and then we will give a meaning to our lives. 
We add more value to others, we sacrifice what is ours and invest it on others, we show the other cheek, go the second mile, basically we go out from the norm and develop excellence in what we do and we will have the satisfaction of saying: WE GAVE EVERYTHING WE COULD GIVE! 
Normality is the greatest enemy of excellence. The good is the worst enemy of the excellent. Listen to me, I am Guy Sottile and I am your friend!
Each one of us is built to excel, to bring up to the highest the talents and qualities of which is in possession. Practically you and I have the greatest call to give 100%. 
No one follows, on a scale of 1 to 10, someone who is a 3 or a 5. 
Who is closer to 10 is that person that everyone would like to have as a reference point! 
What are we waiting for to give the best of ourselves in our family, work, and social involvement? 
Don’t you ever forget it: we were all programmed to excel and contribute in an individual and unique way in the world we live in! 
Guy Sottile

Second Place

The word for today is Second Place!
We live in a competitive world where the law of the strongest is most important. 
Ever since we were young, we were always driven first to grab the gold medal.
This effort often falsifies our personality, because the fear of not being the best causes us hesitation and insecurity.
Our conversations always aim to show our strengths, put on the plate our successes and the gold medals we won!
In reality, however, it is clear that although we have talents we are limited and rarely are the best in the world!
The lesson to learn is that it is not important to be the best but to always give the best of ourselves !
This is the correct definition of success: always giving the best of ourselves!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is consistency! 
The meaning of this word can be explained with the specific statement: live what you say. 
For many people and for many leaders consistency is the real test! 
Almost everyone has good intentions and designs of justice, but in daily practice they reveal actions that do not reflect the good intentions. 
This lack reveals the strong need for consistency in our lives! 
In our book for success, I always say that the first page describes our capacity for initiate a project. To be successful you have to have the gift of starting a project. 
At the end of the book, however, there must be the ability to finish what we started! Many start but few manage to finish. 
The primary reason for the success is CONSISTENCY! 
You and I know brilliant people who are not consistent. Creative people but not consistent. 
What happens when our actions do not produce consistency? We prove that we are not dependable! 
Leadership must always be reliable and dependable! 
Leaders must always show by their actions that they are aligned with their principles, and consistency is the only resource of their reliability! 
This I know for sure: we do not have to be smart and creative in order to be consistent! To be consistent, we must be disciplined! 
The leader knows that many depend on his leadership and only from his coherence and consistency to accomplish his vision for the common good. 
Consistency is essential in the life of the leader! 
Guy Sottile

Real Love!

Love without its daily sharing towardsfriends and enemies as well as people of any class and condition is mere fiction that brings our talk and our credibility to a sure destruction!
Why then do you continue to look at ephemeral and misleading appearances and do not listen to our heart?
Probably because it’s easier to appear than to be.
I do not know you, but I chose and I will always choose to express love only through my heart!

Guy Sottile