The word for today is solid!

Every person, event or thing is thought solid when has depth and strength!

A solid person does not waver, emanates trust and communicates credibility.

The solidity attracts every molecule to the center and keeps everything glued together and therefore does not flake.

This principle derives from the attraction of positive and negative molecules.

Negative with negative and positive with positive reject one another and work against solidity!

For this reason, we must not avoid or complain when people, events or negative circumstances flood our lives. They are attracted to what is positive in us.

Embracing the positive and negative things gives us the ability to build a solid life, a solid business, a solid family thus removing any threat of exhaustion for the mission to which each of us has been called!

Everything works together for good to give strength to our existence!

Guy Sottile

Why we must grow!

People embrace the leader before embracing his vision.

This is why it is important to invest in PERSONAL growth, the only guarantee of increasing our influence!

Confidence towards the leader only grows when the leader grows!

Do not waste today because it determines what we can become tomorrow !!!

Gaetano Sottile



A brand represents a symbol of excellence!

Many, before starting, invest a lot to create their own branding.

One thing I know: If you are not successful, the investment made in branding will not take you far!

We need to invest on the product, on ourselves before launching a branding, because it is easy to pretend to be what we are not!

So we must aim to be great inside and sooner or later we will be great outside!

Our success and the benefits we bring to those we turn to represent the true branding, the one that lasts and grows over time.

Jesus of Nazareth taught this and his branding, the principles he taught, still last after 2,000 years!

Guy Sottile

E. Q.

Emotional Quotient!

The most difficult moments of our life ALWAYS involve other people as well as the best moments ALWAYS involve other people!

Having emotional quotient, besides the quotient of intelligence, means to possess and develop INTENTIONALLY our ability to govern our emotions!

We must FIRST get along in order to go along because with only one exception, the world is made of other people 🙂

Guy Sottile


The word for today is Grit!

Grit means having tenacity and determination.

If you are governed by your emotions you do not go far but if you have grit you have a turbo in the engine of your life!

Grit replaces and improves our weaknesses and encourages us to take the extra steps that others do not take, to achieve the goals we have set for our life.

Grit is the driving force that makes us win even when we are not the best.

In fact, I prefer to have so much grit and few talents that many talents and a little grit!

Grit is a fundamental component for the final victory!

Start your day by showing your grit, it will convince those around you of your determination to carry out what you started!

For us, as people of faith, Grit is essential in demonstrating that we can do all things through Christ our Lord!

Guy Sottile