The word for today is hesitation! 
In the course of our lives, there are many times when we are not sure how to proceed. 
The question of whether what we are doing is the right thing to do jams our will to act and often stops us in the inability to know which road to take. 
Hesitation is a word that expresses two concepts: Outcome and Action. 
Basically the outcome of our actions, to predict a priori, is the true meaning of our hesitation. 
There are two aspects that characterize the hesitation. 
The positive one is to stop and consider all the consequences of our actions, and so see if we are going to do the right thing. 
The negative one is to stop and think and think for too long, thus losing the winning opportunities before us. 
When hesitation freezes our behavior and prevents us from deciding the direction of our actions, then it becomes an enemy to be defeated! 
The right thing to do when we get stuck is to share our hesitation with someone worthy of our trust that seems to have experience in what is stopping our decisions. 
This person ( advisor or mentor) is able to see the crossroads we find ourselves in from the outside while we are in the middle of the crossroads and it is difficult to see what is the right option we need to take. 
Hesitate is wise but if our hesitation persists then it can be destructive! 
Face your hesitation, do not ignore them, but embrace it only for a short time to avoid it becoming paralyzing! 
After reflecting on the consequences and have made your decision, without any hesitation TAKE ACTION! 
You decide which direction to take and leave the paralyzing CROSSROAD ASAP . 
As people of faith, we have a great advantage in knowing personally our God. His will for our life is perfect , His direction always brings to the truth. Aligning ourselves to His will makes always easy to know what road to take without any hesitation!
His Word is the right GPS that never allows us to take the wrong turn!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is courage!
There is no leader whose main characteristic is not courage.
The leader embraces the challenge by giving the example first, thus expressing his conviction in the goodness of his choices!
The definition of courage lays in the question: who is the first to embrace this opportunity?
The leader is the one who answers: I Am!
We all can not trust completely a person who knows what to do, but the person who, besides knowing, shows what to do and guides with his example the rest of the group!
The person who knows what to do is a leader in embryo, but the leader who besides knowing how to do it, shows it, he is a leader in action, and , therefore, a leader who fully embodies the definition of courage!
In addressing the challenges you face, the question arises spontaneously: are you an embryonic leader or a brave leader!
Our response will reflect our courage or our cowardice!
No one will believe in us if we do not believe in ourselves and in our actions!
Unfortunately today many are the cowardly leaders and few are the real and courageous ones who expose themselves as models first!
Jesus did not just say what was right but he lived what he believed and did not wonder if the others agreed with him, but he said “who loves me follows me” and embraced the challenge!
Here is the perfect example of true and lasting courage!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is Confrontation!
“ Speaking the truth in love”. 
It often happens that you have to face a confrontation to clarify a relationship that is about to rotten!
When I face a confrontation I find a thousand excuses for not doing it!
This is because the confrontation implies things I do not want to say to people I do not want to confront.
I do understand, however, that without confrontation the relationship inevitably tends to poison and eventually die!
How did I learn to confront others?
First of all, I understand that the word confrontation, in itself, means facing in the front, mind with mind, culture with culture, perspective with perspective.
This way of confronting puts the interlocutors on the defensive by giving ample space to prejudices and postures that determine a destructive end before the confrontation begins!
I found that two elements can be the basis of a constructive confrontation : Honesty and Sincerity.
I must be honest and objective in showing and communicating the reasons for the confrontation ! I must understand the position of my interlocutor and give him the benefit of the doubt before arriving at a collision course!
But the secret of a successful confrontation is sincerity!
Sincerity gives precedence to the heart and not just to the mind. Sincerity gives space to our feelings more than our words!
When honesty and sincerity take the lead in the confrontation , then and only then we can find a positive and constructive solution to solve our problems!
Our culture seems to have become increasingly violent and belligerent, aiming at a confrontation that almost always produces an abortion!
With honesty and sincerity change the course and intentionally study yourself to make a healthy confrontation that will result in a better relationship!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is compassion. 
A key aspect of the leadership is that the leader guides with the heart first and then with the mind.
 Clearly, the leader must motivate and lead with a well-defined vision, both specific and measurable but his followers will abandon him if his heart is not right. 
The heart of the leader is right when it is driven by compassion. 
The root of the word compassion comes from the Latin word com- patire, which means to suffer with, or better to have the same feelings of the people we lead, feeling on our skin what they feel. 
In Jesus’ life, following his way to lead people, we see that before any teaching or before any healing action was shown, he acted MOVED BY COMPASSION! 
Jesus went to the people, he saw, he felt in his heart and then he acted. The action of Jesus always used this progression: first he connected with the people’s hearts and then he acted. 
Jesus first won the hearts of the people and then renewed their minds with his teachings.
 The people that we influence do not respond to our guide if they do not see our heart which reveals the true motives of our leadership. This is the reason why I am sure that at the root of our success whether we lead ourselves, our families or our organizations , there is compassion. 
In showing compassion the leader gives top priority to the needs of others and therefore is positioned to serve.
 Because service is the sole purpose of our leadership, compassion becomes the primary element of a healthy leadership. 
Let us examine ourselves and evaluate our level of compassion that surely will reveal the true effectiveness of our leadership. 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is to downsize! 
Generally this word has a negative connotation. In fact, many people think that we should take with us all that we acquire in life. 
Be careful, though, because not everything that is acquired is positive for us! 
There are titles and positions, friendships, commitments, strategies and emotions that could slow down the ride of our lives making us arrive too late to grab the opportunities that life has in store for us! 
Downsizing should be a discipline for us that must be applied in order to retain what is really important for us to reach the goal of our life and to get rid of the excess weight of unnecessary and negative things and people, which is the main cause of our mediocrity! 
Then get rid of traditions, wrong ways of thinking , emotions and resentments that poison the heart and mind, wrong people of our team and in our intimate circle and, especially, the fear and dread that anesthetize the momentum of our efforts! 
 Let’s take an inventory of what we are and what we have, free ourselves of things, people and poisonous and negative thoughts and realize the freedom that we have in downsizing in order to accelerate the pace that leads us to the goal towards which each of us hopes to get! 
John the Baptist said that he had to decrease (downsize) for Jesus to grow in him. The apostle Paul said that we have to renew our minds in order to change the course of our lives. 
No matter if we are people of faith or not, the absolute principle remains that the one who downsizes with wisdom and discernment gets the power and energy to get to the finishing line of victory! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is incredible!
“To be content with normality is the fastest way to fall into mediocrity.” (Gaetano Sottile)

I remember when putting my daughters to bed I asked how much they loved me.
I expected them to answer: we love you so much.
The answer surprised me! In fact, they said to me: Daddy we love you a galaxy, a universe of love!
Here it is, the definition of incredible is something that goes beyond this world and this life.
I wonder if our expectations, dreams, and visions are amazing and incredible or just realistic.
If we do not insert the word incredible in our plans, we will never reach our full potential and risk reaching mediocre goals.
So we must plan incredible goals for our lives both personally and professionally, goals that go beyond normality.
To be content with normality is the fastest way to fall into mediocrity.
If we feel bigger than our goals, we have a career. If our goals are bigger than us, that is, incredible, we have a call!
This I know, we must have visions and dreams that go beyond this life to reach goals that count and give meaning to this life!
Guy Sottile