The word for today is Follower!
Everyone and I mean everyone, follow someone!
Even the most powerful leaders in the world follow in the footsteps of someone who has become their model!
The irrefutable requirement of a good leader is to be a good follower.
The substance of this word lies in the concept if we follow we’ll!
In fact, the attributes of a good follower are the same to becoming a good leader.
The one who follows must TRUST his leader. Whoever leads must TRUST his followers!
The one who follows must be OBEDIENT and DISCIPLINED. Whoever leads must be OBEDIENT and DISCIPLINED!
Those who follow must have the desire to be part of a TEAM. Those who lead must have the desire to be part of a TEAM.
All the attributes of a good follower lead to the attributes of a good leader!
If you follow well you have the potential to lead successfully.
If you are a good follower you have the great advantage of connecting with your followers because you’ve been where they are now and you know exactly what they need!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is discouragement! 
Encouragement means grafting courage within us. 
A courage that produces hope, energy, joy, vitality and zest for life! 
Discouragement does exactly the opposite. 
It sucks away the courage and all the good fruits that the same produces in us. 
All of us face moments of discouragement in which the circumstances, the people around us and the negative emotions suck away our lifeblood. 
What are we to do in these critical times? 
The answer is clear, even if difficult to implement. 
Discouragement can be won from within and the only agents capable of doing this is we ourselves. 
It is us who must intentionally inject encouragement in ourselves and not wait for people and circumstances to do it for us! 
Here is the formula to overcome discouragement: We must encourage ourselves! 
Whether we like it or not, there are two voices that continually speak to our hearts, change the parameters of our mind and, therefore, influence our actions and our behavior. 
They are the negative voice and positive voice! 
The negative voice highlights what is wrong while the positive highlights what is good and how it can solve and remove the obstacles that inevitably accompany our life. 
The negative voice speaks of what is wrong, the positive voice talks about how to find the solution to what is wrong. 
The solution lies in the volume control. 
We must learn to lower the volume of the negative voice and increase that of the positive voice that offers solutions and not just raw analysis of reality. 
Handling the two volumes intentionally allows us to control and contain what is good and encouraging and prevent it from being sucked away by discouragement. 
The choice is ours! 
No one can do it for you! 
We must learn, once and for all, what it means to encourage ourselves, this is only antidote to overcome discouragement! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is Efficiency!
I remember that a few years ago my boiler stopped working.
It was cold, so my plumber took 2 days before coming to see what was wrong.
As soon as he arrived, he removed the panel and started checking all the contacts.
Everything was fine but the boiler would not start anyways!
Then he took a hammer from his work bag and with surgical precision he hammered one of the boiler tubes.
The boiler started working great!
When I asked how much it was he said 100 euro!
I then asked him to justify the cost since I thought it was exaggerated!
He replied: 1 euro for using my hammer, 99 euro for having hammered at the right point of the tube!
The lesson I learned is that the intensity of our work is not so important, but it’s important to work smart and know exactly where to hit!
To be effective means to work intelligently and not just intensely!
No matter the years of experience we have, what matters is how we evaluate the experience of those years.
The evaluation of our action leads us to always work smart and always strike on the right place, with intelligence!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is contagious!
Whether we like it or not, our daily living brings us in touch with other people.
When you get in touch with others, 2 things happen:
1. We give or receive a positive contagion

2. We give or receive a negative contagion
There is not a third possibility!
My question is whether we prefer a positive contagion or negative contagion.
The question is clearly rhetorical!
In fact, if we could choose which contagion to receive, the answer would certainly be to be influenced positively by the people we come into contact with.
In the same way, other people prefer to receive our positive contagion!
In our daily life, we add value and positive contagion to others or we detract value because of our negativity!
Therefore, let us examine ourselves and the type of contagion with which we influence others.
In the same way, let’s rub shoulders with those who positively influence us and run away from those who negatively influence us. An old proverb says “who walks with the lame learns to limp”.
I add that those who walk with those who positively influence them, learn to add value to others, thus giving a positive meaning to the mission of their life!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is unity!
As a Leader I discovered that we all do not have to have the same opinion to be united.
In fact, I prefer to have around me people who have opinions different than mine. The reason for this attitude lies in the fact that the different opinions broaden my horizons, compliment my thinking, challenge my view of life and make me more mature in my decisions!
Therefore I do not expect that all embrace my ideas and my way of thinking. The unity that I seek is the unity of the heart, where my pulse is identified with the beat of those around me, so that it brings out the true values we all believe in!
The vision is in the head but the values lie in the heart!
So the most important thing is not the union of the mind but the union of the heart!
So we will have the will to sacrifice ourselves for one another and grow together because we have unity around the values we believe in!
This is the unity that I seek as a leader and I hope that is true for you too!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is collaborate!
Collaboration is different than cooperation. 
Cooperation means coming together but collaboration means working together. 
Collaborate comes from the Latin word co- with and labor- work. 
Working together means acknowledging our strengths and focus on them but also being aware of our weaknesses, thus finding someone who can cover for them. 
Mother Teresa used to say that she can do things I cannot do but I can do things she cannot do. 
Together, however, we can do great things. 
One is too small of a number to reach greatness. 
How real is collaboration in your life? Who are the people you bring along side your life ? Do they excel in those area where you’re weak?
Often we bring along our way people in order to take care of our projects and forget that collaboration demands theirs and our 100%. 
Let’s look for people we can add value to but who can also add value to us and our mission. 
Guy Sottile



The word for today is implementation! 
This word does not belong, unfortunately, to our everyday vocabulary. 
We do not hear it or apply it often to our life. 
Many think that implementation is an unconscious action that is part of the automatism of our being. 
When we get up in the morning we implement actions like washing, getting dressed and go to work. At work we do, automatically, so many things even if our mind is focused on other thoughts and priorities. 
Well this kind of implementation makes us live but does not make us grow! 
Implementing means to intentionally start a process that leads us to achieve our goal! 
Implementation is the beginning, and without it, there are only good intentions that do not lead anywhere and do not make us grow! 
The importance of implementation is rendered the most by the saying: “Who starts well ends well” or even “Who starts well is halfway there.” 
For those who want to grow and successfully achieve the purpose of their life, implementing is an action that becomes indispensable. 
What are those things that you know are right to do and yet find it difficult to implement? 
You have to start and you have to do it now! 
Begin to implement because this is the most important step to start the path to success! 
Who starts well is halfway there but who does not start is never in the race! 
No to implement intentionally is the greatest obstacle to be overcome in order to get the most out of our lives. 
The Bible says that today is the day of salvation. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but TODAY! 
Implement your decisions today, start today your new adventure, don’t push it to tomorrow, this is the only way to enter in the race in order to achieve the objectives you have set for your life!
Guy Sottile