The past is gone the future is ours!

Even if it is impossible to change the events of the past, the mistakes made, the wrong decisions, we can change the destiny that lies before us and the destination we want to reach.

Let us use the polluting gases of the past as a turbo in the engine to give a positive boost to our future!

Intentionally recycling the mistakes and negative things from the past is the characteristic of those who lead their life and do not accept it!

Celebrate your future and bury the grievances of your past: rejoice and again I say REJOICE!!!


About Goals!

If you are growing your goals are always in _progressive movement, _ if you’re not growing your goals are still the same!

We must eliminate the goals achieved because TODAY are obsolete and POLLUTE our ability to grow and discover new horizons to live a life worth living!

Gaetano Sottile-GLA