The power of the will!

The word for today is willing!
Our will always derives from a strong passion to achieve something. 
Passion is practically the fuel of the will.
Everyone, probably, knows the saying that where there’s a will there is always a way!
Many, unfortunately, think the contrary!
If they find the way then and only then, they find the will to follow it but this is deceptive!
All roads almost always have detours and slow-downs.
Therefore many find the will only if they find the way, and lose it when the road is gone.
The one who has the will always find an alternative and does not stop when obstacles slow down the path. On the contrary, their will becomes stronger and more determined if challenged!
The will always find the way to achieve our goals: where there is a will there is a way!
What is clouding your will today?
Perhaps the awareness of doing something for which you have no passion?
It takes courage to make our choices and not do what others have chosen for us.
Find within yourself the right choices, catch them with courage and passion and intentionally do them with a firm and decisive act of your will. 
Then and only then, the road will be paved before you! 
Guy Sottile

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