The word for today is dedication!

What is the difference between the people who fulfill their projects and those who do not? What is the difference between people who have a dream that becomes a reality and those who, on the contrary, do not ?

The secret lies in their dedication!

Mistakenly people think that the ones are smarter or better than the others and this is the main ingredient of their success.

The real difference lies not on a higher rate of intelligence or even of luck but on the rate of dedication that is engaged once a project undertaken.

Dedication produces perseverance, courage, passion and desire!

Dedication is not in the mind but in the heart and, therefore, the in the values ​​we believe in and invest our lives on!

Today, if you think your pace is slowing down and that your steps are stumbling, measuring the rate of your dedication is the only way you can pick up the right steps that will lead you to the success of your projects!

The strongest and most effective words of Jesus were spoken on the cross when He said, IT IS FINISHED!

The secret of the achievement of his purpose which involved the death on the cross was certainly the dedication he had to his plan to reconnect humanity with the Father, even at the cost of his life!

May these words awaken in us the dedication necessary to accomplish the projects that make our individual life worth living!

Guy Sottile


Vision simplifies life!

The lack of a vision complicates our life BUT a clear vision makes our life easier!

Without vision the path before us is incredibly wide; with a clear vision the road narrows down and takes speed.

The vision simplifies life because it controls our decisions and makes us understand what we must do and what we must avoid.

Vision is our permanent address, our point of arrival (destination), therefore our destiny.

Virtually, vision dictates our priorities, thus lightening our responsibilities and making our actions more effective!

Vision simplifies life!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is dynamic!

When I think of a dynamic person, I think of someone who is engaging, enthusiastic, warm, caring, positive, charismatic and compelling!

We would all like to be dynamic people because the dynamic person is like a magnet that draws attention to himself and his projects.

Unfortunately not everyone has a dynamic personality and thinks that this is a handicap for his relationships .

Nevertheless, reflecting more deeply on the word dynamism, it turns out that being only dynamic is not alone sufficient for success!

The word that comes to mind alongside dynamism is RELIABILITY. In fact the majority of dynamic people, often, are not reliable!

Dynamism makes us enter into the heart of the people but is reliability and dependability that makes us remain in the hearts and sympathies of the people.

Being reliable means being honest , showing off what we really are inside!

Let us strive to be dynamic people but without reliability our every effort will be leading to an immediate success that will not last for long making our efforts vain!

To be is better than to do!

This is the reason why to Moses’ question to God “ Who are you”, He answered: I AM!

Dynamism + reliability = Positive influence that lasts for ever!

Guy Sottile

The word for today is Success!

The word for today is Success!

To succeed, one must not pursue success, BUT VALUE.

Becoming people of value in a specific area will draw attention on us!

The value we represent does not lead us to success but attracts success!

In growing to significance and value, we become people who produce solutions to people’s needs!

The more our value increases the more our success increases!

If you become an expert in many areas, a jack of all trades, the percentage of value that we could have in one specific area decreases.

You can be of a good value in different areas and masters in none.

Let’s move from Ordinary to Extraordinary focusing on our strength and not on our weaknesses!

Think of Tiger Woods, Barbara Striesan, Michael Jordan, Alberto Tomba and many others: their success derives from the value they have achieved in a specific area!

What value do you give to your talent?

What will you be remembered for?

Jesus of Nazareth made himself full of value: He declared that if a person was hungry he was the bread of life!

If a person was thirsty, he was the water of life!

As a person what value do you give to yourself?

Start today intentionally to invest in becoming a person of value and success will be the natural consequence of your investment!

Guy Sottile

The word for today is Generosity!

The word for today is generosity.

This word excites me because as a child I always loved it.

I remember when after a soccer game, we were getting ready to go and get a pizza. I did not have any money but after a shower I found a few dollars in the locker room.

I asked if anyone had lost them but all responded negatively. Then I joined the group and together we went to eat a pizza. I said that to reward their honesty I would have offered the pizza to all.

My joy was not eating the pizza that night but seeing the satisfaction of my friends who ate the pizza that I had offered them!

There is a strong joy in seeing others enjoy as a result of our generosity. Clearly I could not show generosity if I had not found that money, because we can not share with others what we have not received first.

But generosity is not measured only by finances.

All, both rich and poor, can share what they have received. Sometimes it is a smile and a positive attitude, sometimes sharing some important contacts we have, sometimes a word of comfort and, increasingly, our pure friendship!

Who shares what he has with others, he or she will be given even more. This is an irrefutable law!

When I shared what I had with others, God has always given me more.

The main reason lies in the fact that God, by nature the donor par excellence, gives to those who in turn give to others!

The root of the word generosity indicates the potential to generate. Who does not share with others is sterile. Perhaps for this reason, many people who have wealth and fame live in mediocrity, because they do not know how to share what they have and do not sow in the lives of others.

Who is generous grafts seeds in the lives of others that bear their fruit in their own time.

Being generous means sharing the best of me with those who need it so that their potential flourishes for the common good.

At what level is our generosity? In life, what matters is not how much we have accumulated, but how much we have sown.

It is not important what we show off, but what we do to others as a result of our generosity.

Start this new day in the name of generosity and it will definitely pay off.

Perhaps this is precisely the meaning of the verse in the Bible that says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” he who gives secures the promise of receiving.

Generosity is a secure investment because blesses others but, more importantly, creates space in our personal tank to receive another filling of blessings to be shared with others.

With generosity value is generated in the other and you switch from a mere personal success to the true significance of your life.

Guy Sottile

Getting old!

Today my mom turns 88 and this reflection is dedicated to her 🙂

The word for today is growing old!

Life is like a roll of toilet paper. When coming to an end it seems to go away more quickly.

Many think that with aging they are loosing energy. But when you were younger you had energy, but also more stupidity and less discernment!

Life is made up of seasons, and each season has to be lived fully! That is why we must appreciate today!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come, what matters is today that brings us closer or farther from the goals that we have set for our lives! Today is the only thing that we can control.

Many live under the influence of past fear and mistakes or the anxiety about what can happen tomorrow, thus polluting the value of today!

Let us embrace with hope and anticipation the season of our life in which we find ourselves in, and rejoice in it!

Getting older does not mean how old we are or what year we were born, but how we use the best of our present.

Hope is the paint of our future over past disappointments that must be painted with our actions of TODAY!

Let us rejoice in our present and in the season of life we are in and we will be eternally young!

Guy Sottile

The word for today is Joy!

The word for today is joy!

Joy is a condition that we choose!

We choose to have joy, we do not expect it like a Manna from heaven!!

I dare to even say that a fake joy is better than a genuine depression 🙂

If we choose to have joy sooner or later it will come: it is our choice!

Here are a few characteristics of joy:

Generosity : we always choose to give because giving is better than receiving!

Be intentional in adding value to others.

Avoid what is negative and feed on the positive. If we sow the positive we will produce positive results.

Invest in worthy people and worthy things! Joy flows from the objects of our investment. If our object is valueless so will be our investment too!

Always expect the best from our day.

If we do these things, the real joy will come for sure because we have it already, we just have to bring it out!

Guy Sottile