Why we must grow!

People embrace the leader before embracing his vision.

This is why it is important to invest in PERSONAL growth, the only guarantee of increasing our influence!

Confidence towards the leader only grows when the leader grows!

Do not waste today because it determines what we can become tomorrow !!!

Gaetano Sottile




A brand represents a symbol of excellence!

Many, before starting, invest a lot to create their own branding.

One thing I know: If you are not successful, the investment made in branding will not take you far!

We need to invest on the product, on ourselves before launching a branding, because it is easy to pretend to be what we are not!

So we must aim to be great inside and sooner or later we will be great outside!

Our success and the benefits we bring to those we turn to represent the true branding, the one that lasts and grows over time.

Jesus of Nazareth taught this and his branding, the principles he taught, still last after 2,000 years!

Guy Sottile

E. Q.

Emotional Quotient!

The most difficult moments of our life ALWAYS involve other people as well as the best moments ALWAYS involve other people!

Having emotional quotient, besides the quotient of intelligence, means to possess and develop INTENTIONALLY our ability to govern our emotions!

We must FIRST get along in order to go along because with only one exception, the world is made of other people 🙂

Guy Sottile


The word for today is Grit!

Grit means having tenacity and determination.

If you are governed by your emotions you do not go far but if you have grit you have a turbo in the engine of your life!

Grit replaces and improves our weaknesses and encourages us to take the extra steps that others do not take, to achieve the goals we have set for our life.

Grit is the driving force that makes us win even when we are not the best.

In fact, I prefer to have so much grit and few talents that many talents and a little grit!

Grit is a fundamental component for the final victory!

Start your day by showing your grit, it will convince those around you of your determination to carry out what you started!

For us, as people of faith, Grit is essential in demonstrating that we can do all things through Christ our Lord!

Guy Sottile

You are unique!

The word for today is unique!

One of the hidden concepts of our day is the uniqueness of each of us. Although it is difficult to comprehend, with all the billions of men and women in the world, you and I are UNIQUE!

There are not fingerprints equal, there are not DNA equal. Each of us is an original! The awareness of our uniqueness is one of the strongest motivations that exist!

A great teacher of life, Joyce Meyer, once said that God will help you become the best of yourself but NEVER WILL HELP YOU TO BECOME EQUAL TO ANOTHER PERSON YOU KNOW!

Knowing that we are unique leads us to understand that we have a unique and special mission.

It teaches us to appreciate our every similar even if it is not equal to us.

It widens our mental boundaries and takes away from us every desire of discrimination.

It prompts us to seek unity in diversity.

It grows in us the desire to add value and invest on others, knowing that every life has a uniqueness that enriches the community.

Who does not believe in the uniqueness of his life tends to remain in the status quo, in anonymity. He is dead even if he has not yet made it official.

Do you believe in being a unique person with a unique purpose and a unique contribution that only you can give and is there an enthusiasm that becoming the best you can ever be will affect you and those around you?

Darwin said that man comes from monkeys. Well, the monkey copies, hence the saying monkey see monkey do.

Man, on the other hand, creates and leaves a trace of its uniqueness.

This is the reason why God created us and gave us power by assigning to each of us a specific and unique task !

Whatever your reaction to this reflection, know that I respect you because you are unique!

Guy Sottile

Humility is the leader best ability!

The word for today is humility!

The best definition of humility that I can give is the following:

Humility does not mean thinking less of ourselves (this would be a false humility), but it means thinking less about OURSELVES!

People who are not humble are full of themselves and so do not give space to focus on others. This is the essence of humility.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine who, after having talked extensively about himself he said: Guy I talked enough now you speak to me and tell me what you think about me!

If we want to attract people we need to learn to be concerned about their needs and help them adding value to their lives and their mission.

Humility means to focus on others, to follow them on their way to get the most out of their lives.

The true leader is not the one who is full of himself and focuses on his programs.

The real leader is one who makes humility his greatest characteristic, thinking less of himself in order to focus on the needs of his followers.

The quintessential example comes to us from Jesus of Nazareth, who leaves the throne of his glory, that restrains his power to come to this world in order to show with facts that he thinks less of himself and of his rights, to help us mortals find the true purpose of our earthly pilgrimage!

The question for us is whether we have learned to be humble in order to obtain the right to lead others, or if our leadership is focused on manipulating others, thus denying the true meaning of humility.

Guy Sottile

The power of creativity!

The word for today is creativity!

This word is formed by two concepts: activity and create.

In other words the creativity of an individual is his ability to act in order to create.

Most of the people is no longer involved in creating new things but to criticize things and situations that already exist.

Criticizing is easy but, it is challenging to create.

Criticizing is demagogic and useless, while creating is both pragmatic and useful.

Those who control us have a vested interest to ensure that we do not create but that we adapt to what they have created for us.

In other words, drowning our ability to create has, as its ultimate objective, the control of our actions thus leaving many in mediocrity.

This is one of the reasons why I can not understand how many intelligent people do not believe in creation but belligerently they believe in evolution.

We were created to create in our time! In our uniqueness, we must understand that we are responsible for our own life. We need to control our life through creativity and not accept it the way it is.

From the individual life to the family and social life, we are called to create the coordinates that guide our actions.

Our creativity determines our uniqueness. I wonder if those around us are aware of our uniqueness or think of us as ordinary people, which is the result of an outdated model we are conforming due to the lack of commitment, determination and, therefore, creativity.

That’s why we face obstacles. They exist to leverage our creativity. Who gives up in the midst of trials and obstacles kills creativity.

Personally I think that , one of the many examples of creativity in the history of the world that strikes me most is the cross of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Bible teaches that God is pure and holy and that He cannot, by his own nature, coexist with what is unclean.

It teaches also that men are by nature impure and, therefore, incompatible with the holiness of God. This, however, does not stop the action of God who, above all else loves us and wants to connect with us, His creatures.

The creativity of God consist in becoming a man, live a Holy and perfect life and die as the last of the impure and sinful men. Jesus died for you and me!

God does not see our impurities because Jesus is dying for our impurities and sins .

So God is holy, but at the same time, through Jesus now has the ability to connect with us and let us know what is the life He has designed for each of us.

Being creative requires sacrifice, patience, humiliation, criticism, but it’s worth it when we reach our final purpose.

If our creativity is atrophying, you and I live in boredom and mediocrity.

Let’s react and lets face the obstacle with the creativity which each of us has been endowed.

What a joy to discover that we were created to create!

What a satisfaction to understand how much potential we have to leave our own mark in this world as the result of our creativity.

May this new week be a rematch of the awareness of our creativity!

Guy Sottile