The word for today is pride! 
This word has caused many leaders to be defeated. The main reason lies in the fact that the success they achieved has led them to think they were invincible, feeding their egos and making them believe that the world revolved around them. 
Using and manipulating others instead than serving others with the talents and gifts of our personalities and abilities, is a mark of pride! 
Instead of helping others, serving others, add value to others, the prideful leaders begin to think that the others have to help them and serve them. 
Now there is a pride that hurts and a pride that is good. 
The pride that hurts is what puts myself in the middle and this will damage my relationship with others. The pride that is good is what drives me to do my work with excellence, constantly raising the bar in order to effectively reach my goals. 
This is the pride of seeing others improve thanks to my investment in their lives, to practice what I teach, creating sound patterns to follow.
Let’s be , then, careful not to be confused , one pride we will hurt and another will do us good. 
The first, sooner or later will make us fall, and the second will make us great leaders.
 Examine yourself, remove the bad pride and reveal the positive one without any false humility! 
Guy Sottile

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