The word for today is fantastic!
This word is used to share something out of the ordinary.
Our every action, business or achievement through hard work and creativity is defined fantastic!
For this reason this great word is used to define something pragmatic and real and not stories that belong to the book of dreams.
However, the same word has a root that lies in the imagination!
That’s because every great achievement is such if it comes from our creativity and imagination!
Be pragmatic, but always ready to draw from your imagination.
Use your imagination to create actions worthy of being qualified FANTASTIC!
You can live without knowledge but never without imagination and fantasy (Albert Einstein).
For people of faith like me all our actions should be fantastic because they are supported by faith in what you and I can not see! 
Perhaps this is the reason why one verse of the Bible states that WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD!
May your coming week be a fantastic one !!!!
Guy Sottile

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