The word for today is circumstances,

The circumstances that come to us daily are an irreversible and inevitable fact.

They are life events, they are the components of life!

There are two types of people:

Those who accept the circumstances and those who control them.

People who accept them show a perspective of life that I would call passive.

In other words, they look forward to the circumstances and hope to come out with as little damage as possible.

Other people, on the contrary, do not passively accept them but wait for them having a strategy to win!

The difference lies in the fact that most people accept passively while others lead their lives through circumstances that are often unfavorable.

Lead your life and do not be controlled by it!

I remember when I was on the boat I found myself in Corsica before facing the straight of Bonifacio. The waves were huge and the sea strengthened was at level 8.

Most sailors landed in a crowded bay and agreed to stop while I and 2 other boats used all our nautical knowledge to cross over.

We practically refused to be controlled by negative circumstances and led our boats through the swirling sea.

Eventually we arrived in Sardinia where a calm and crystalline sea was waiting for us.

Those who stayed in Corsica were stuck there for 5 days while I enjoyed a nice vacation.

I did not allow the circumstances to lead, but I faced them by controlling them.

The difference was in the positive attitude I have to face every day and all the circumstances, both negative and positive.

Win the circumstances and not be won by them!

This is the difference between those who are successful and those who are not!

The circumstances do not form us, we form ourselves by controlling the circumstances of our lives.

If this week you will face negative circumstances do not react unprepared.

Remember the leader does not react but he acts, this is his main feature!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is fortitude.

One of the activities that Sondra and I did with our daughters was to visit the Spanish fortresses on the Tyrrhenian coast of our beautiful Italy.

Especially in western Tuscany and in the islands of the archipelago.

Unforgettable Cape Stella in Argentario and Giglio Island Castle!

What struck us was the impressive structure and thickness of any fortress.

Following the directions of the brochure, we read all the attacks that these forts had suffered and how it was impossible to overcome them to the point that some of them never got conquered by the enemy!

Their lasting strength was such that even in World War II , they were used as strategic locations.

Their secret laid in the foundations that were very thick and deep.

They were built to last and stay and to show impressive strength.

In our lives the word fortitude is essential.


An attitude that reflects the qualities of a fortress! It means building an attitude that resists adversity. An attitude that does not yield to the attacks of those who want to hurt us, that does not bend in the face of difficulties.

It means that although we can not control what comes out against us, criticisms, disappointments, broken promises, oppression, injustice and falsehood, WE CAN CONTROL what is happening inside of us because the foundations of our life are strong and durable and, therefore, I have a strength of soul and mind that allows me to win every day.

If fortitude is not one of our strong points, our forte, I hope that this reflection will stimulate you to look at the foundations of your life to see if it is founded upon a rock or on a sandy soil.

Jesus in all his teachings always pointed attention to the foundation and not on appearance!

Who builds his soul, gives himself fortitude and protects it , he is the one who has discovered the true success of a lifetime.

Guy Sottile


The word for today is frustration!

Each of us is subject to frustrations.

It would be correct to say that frustrations are part of our lives!

When things do not go in the direction that we think to be right, we suffer a whiplash injury, and we experience the symptoms of frustration!

Just like whiplash serves to tame or punish a person, the same whiplash can serve to encourage and incite!

The successful person knows that frustrations are part of life , they hurt and leave wounds but over time they heal and disappear.

This awareness creates the belief that frustration must be accepted not as a punishment but as a spur to create in us the right character in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

The frustrations of the lashes are all the same but the reaction to them determines the difference between who wins and who loses.

Do not allow frustrations you meet daily make you a loser but use them for stronger growling and reach your goal!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is skeptical!

In my life I have always been surrounded by skeptical people. This is because I started to be a leader since I was 18 years old. My young age and my high aspirations have always attracted critics and skeptics around me.

So I had to learn right away that not everyone would understand my intentions, supporting my programs and my goals, and that not all would get on the train of my dreams!

Credibility and trust need time, also for those who are not skeptics!

So it would be a waste to wait until even the skeptics believe in us before hitting the ground and running in building the vision we have for our lives!

We must also add that those who are skeptical even though we try to please them, not necessarily will change their mind!

I remember Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus, where The rich man lying in the underworld tells Abraham to send a prophet to announce to his family about the actual existence after death. Abraham responds that even if they saw a dead rise again, they (the skeptics) would not believe!

Therefore, not everyone will get on the train of our vision, but this must not affect the enthusiasm and determination that must distinguish our life.

Let us use the skeptics to fuel even more our batteries and let us ignore their negativity!

Guy Sottile

Built for Action!

Built and designed for action.

Excellence always requires a high price to be reached! It takes everything we have to become what we want, it is not a manna that falls from the sky!

We must be willing to pay the price for success. Do not disperse your energies to find shortcuts to success. Look for shortcuts will result in a life full of disappointments and defeats!

Excellence is never granted. You will never find a call to excellence with the discount card attached to it. If that happens then we are faced with a convenient shorthand that is totally destructive!

The great Tolstoy said that man can not be at the same time idol and at rest. Resting energy and save money while on vacation, when you are tired is when you need to recharge your batteries and this is a natural thing to do.

But if this habit becomes the rule of our lives with which we want to climb success and grab excellence, then we are headed for a road that leads to the destruction of our lives and shatter our dreams!

We were built for action, and if we do not act we do not feel well, but mostly we do not feel fulfilled.

We are all a tool designed to do and when we do not act we deny the purpose for which we were created. Of course we must equip ourselves for action. We need to put the right fuel. If we do not have a diesel car we do not put diesel fuel in it.

Therefore it is crucial to put the right fuel in the engine of our minds and our creativity.

We must have a clear goal. Do not act just to act. Our actions must have a clear goal, represented by the vision for which we were created. Understanding the purpose of our individual existence is the foundation of our actions.

We also need to draw a path and not deviate ever from it. The course is outlined by the principles that motivate our actions. Out of those principles you go off the path and exit the race with sometimes irreparable consequences!

Out of the right path we find suffering, disputes, breakdown of relationships, shame and confusion. Often taking shortcuts results in efforts to go out of the way that our Creator has designed for us. Keeping yourself in the right path glorifies the One who has created us and amplifies the purpose for which we were created, sealing our success!

Created for the action and ready to pay the price for success is the profile of those who live a life worth living without regret.

Acting wrongly, passing from a shortcut to the other, on the contrary, leads to a life insipid that eventually produces only regrets. If you still have not done it, it is time to take action with regard to the finishing line in order to say: It is DONE, the purpose for which I was created I did it and did it faithfully without cutting corners and without savings, but above all without regrets.

Many remember Jesus for the cross, but few for his statement on the cross: IT IS DONE!

GUY Sottile


The word for today is Continuous!
This word highlights both a strong negativity and a strong positivity!
If I move away from my strengths and potentialities and do it all the time, then I’m in a collision course and in a very dangerous path.
If, on the other hand, I focus on my strengths and potentialities and do so continually, then and only then I am on the journey that leads to success!
I can say that I continue doing today what I started doing 30 years ago, because 30 years ago I started my growth journey!
Are you continuously following your growth journey or are you constantly changing direction and going zigzag?
Many tend to overestimate what they can do today and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime!
Growing continually in our strengths is the only guarantee that our tomorrow will be better!
Guy Sottile

Let it go!

The word for today is to let go! 
We live in a time of tension and anger. 
This brings our society to have an aggressive attitude and to stir up reactions that hurt us first and then those who have hurt us! 
Closely monitoring the behavior of people around us, it is easy to capture many wounds that affect their attitudes. 
Everyone seems to have an answer to make justice and unleash their anger against the injustice received! 
The real answer to the reactionary and often justified anger is LETTING GO, ignore and work on ourselves before we positively influence others! 
What does it means to let go? 
 1. Letting go does not mean trying to change the person who has hurt us but to accept what that person did to us! 

 2. Letting go does not mean change the past but decide not to be strangled by it. 

 3. Letting go does not mean to blame others but face the truth even if it hurts. 

 4. Letting go does not mean to be dogmatic about the fact that we are right, but be open to learn and grow from failures. 

 5. Letting go does not mean finding simplistic solutions but learn to live with our questions so that we grow our character to find the right answers. 

 6. Letting go means choosing to forgive to live in the freedom of the present and the hope of the future. 

 7. Letting go is to change the negative effect of fear and have an attitude of love and hope for a better future.
Guy Sottile