The word for today is adequate!

This word represents a boundary between normality and excellence!

The border between the status quo and progress!

To be adequate is like putting a block on our potential!

The one who adapts, being adequate, closes the doors to personal and professional growth to live an ORDINARY life when, on the contrary, we have been created to live an EXTRAORDINARY life!

In the highway of life, there are no speed limits and those who adapt risk to see others go on and stay behind!

Going beyond adequate, does not mean to be rebellious BUT it means to influence instead of being influenced by those who want to exploit our potential and not by those who want to ADD VALUE TO OUR LIFE!

Do not adapt but value your life with the talents you received from Who created you FOR GREAT WORKS!

GUY Sottile


The word for today is to serve.

To be a servant you must be a mature person.

The mature person is the one who puts the others first, while the immature person is the one who puts himself first.

Our ego is in a strong minority in a world full of billions of people. Investing only in ourselves and believing that we are at the center of the world leads to a brutal failure to say the least!

Being a servant means intentionally helping people around us to solve their problems and find the purpose on which to invest their lives.

By serving others we will find the right place for our talents and add value to those we serve with our resources, advice, examples, thus offering a winning model to replicate.

True success lies in serving and not in being served!

The path to success is not to go up but to go down.

Those who truly love themselves demonstrate this by loving and serving others.

This model can be seen in the most influential historical figures whose memory remains and grows even after their departure.

Often the main question is who will take our place.

The answer I found is nobody!

Nobody, because during a life of service we have multiplied ourselves in others by adding our potential in their lives.

Perhaps, in this perspective, the famous words “who loses his life will find it” will gain a sense in your mind.

To lose one’s life does not mean to die but to serve others by investing in them.

I would say that the more we go down and the more we pull ourselves up!

The choice is ours!

Gaetano Sottile