The word for today is catching!

There are two types of people. Those who catch and those who want to be caught!

Those who want to be caught will almost always be disappointed.

They will wait for opportunities instead of looking for them.

They will not set the right priorities and lose control of their time.

They will hide behind their fears, thus escaping the attentions of those who can enjoy their talents.

Those who want to be caught are serious about staying in anonymity!

Who, on the contrary, catches is characterized by the desire to connect with the outside world.

He is driven by the desire to discover new relationships and to add with his talents value to others.

Catch and take control of your life and your agenda and face each day with the positive hope of making a difference!

Forge your days with the conviction of making a difference, with something that makes a difference, along with people who make the difference at a time when you have to make a difference!

Do not wait to be grabbed but grab the dream and vision for which you were created!

Guy Sottile

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