The word for today is surrendered. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports and I am very competitive! 
What I like in the competition is to be intense and to show my opponent, although better than me, that I will never throw in the towel and fight to the end. 
Rarely in the characteristics of a true champion you see the possibility that he throws in the towel as a sign of surrender. Yet in everyday life there are many people who see their opponents, often personified by the negative circumstances, so strong that they give up and throw in the towel as a sign of surrender! 
I could list countless examples of my life when I was tempted to give up, to throw in the towel because overwhelmed by the fact that I thought my circumstances were too strong to overcome. 
Yet my desire not to give up has changed almost always a defeat in a big victory! 
The secret to not give up is that everyone has a purpose and a goal to achieve, a divine call specifically for his life. 
We were created just for this, so destined to reach and accomplish our mission !
 Obstacles do not have to scare us or even threaten us to the point of throwing in the towel. 
We must learn to use them as fuel to our advantage. The primary reason that prevents the positive use of the obstacles is not to have a clear mission that is entrusted to us. 
In fact, the less clear our target is in our minds, the more likely that we stop in surrender. 
For this it is important to align our talents with the vision we have for our lives. 
When this happens, we will be like a sailboat that is able to use the headwind as energy to move forward and not backward. 
Everything is ready when we set the sail , called mainsail, in the right position and no obstacles can justify our surrender. This sail is a similitude of our heart and our attitude, the true cause of a yield or a victory.
 Attitude is our best friend or can become our worst enemy. 
Realizing this gives us assurance that we have enough resources , many times unknown to us, that motivate us not to surrender and be so overwhelmed. 
For believers, is so true the challenge of the apostle Paul: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Jesus)! 
Do not throw in the towel but pull out the faith that there is in you, always making sure that your vision is in harmony with your potential!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is identity!
There are many people I encounter every day who seem not clear about the meaning of their own life and they look lost!
If you feel lost you can perceive it in every area of your life both private as well as public.
Socrates stated that it was imperative to be honest with oneself and above all to know oneself.
Identity begins with really knowing yourself!
In addition to Socrates, I would also like to mention Jesus of Nazareth who at the beginning of his ministry knew who he was, where he came from, and especially where he was going!
If we put these three things together we will have a strong sense of our identity.
Until I know myself I can not know others. That is why we must love our neighbor as ourselves. If I do not love and know myself loving and knowing others it’s an impossible business!
It all starts with ourselves and the importance of knowing who we are and where we are going. This is the basis of every action worth living!
That’s why knowing my identity makes us secure.
He who is insecure does not trust others; Who is insecure does not value other people; Those who are insecure will not leave any footprint of their life!
We can not give what we do not have.
For this reason to know our identity is imperative to live a life that counts!
here is a word of encouragement:
God not only knows who you are but He has created you for great things! 
He has created you in His image and has given you talents!
If this does not mean that He believes in us, I would like to know then who can believe in us!
If God believes in us why then don’t we believe in ourselves?
Fall in love with who you are!
Fall in love with what you are capable of doing with the unique talents you have!
Think about this: Who created you did all this for you, so why don’t you do the same for yourself?
Knowing our Identity is the key step in moving from mediocrity to truth and from truth to the freedom to live a life worth living!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is Finishing!
Finishing and completing projects, meeting deadlines and reaching pre-defined goals is an important aspect for our lives!
Show me a person who completes what he has started and I show you that he is a person whose self-esteem is high.
On the contrary, who drops his unfinished projects is a person whose self-esteem is low or even nothing!
By nature, all of us are looking for the approval of others. But such approval is not enough, especially if in our hearts we know that it is underserved !
In our hearts we know if we are worthy of esteem only if we complete and finish what we have started.
So we discover and accept everything we know to be able to finish!
You probably know you have several projects that you have not finished and accept other challenges because being active will make you forget about the unfinished projects. This activism attracts the approval of others but leaves an open wound in your personal self-esteem.
Only who’s big inside can become big outside!
Ending our projects, concluding what we have started not only raises our self-esteem but makes us conscious and confident in our chances of achieving great goals.
Do not seek approval to grow your reputation, aim to showing who you really are.
Reputation is what others think of you, but character is who you really are!
Perhaps that is why the great Jesus of Nazareth as his last words chose:

It’s done!
Guy Sottile


The word for today is loyalty!
Once I heard a leader say he required blind loyalty from his associates.
Reflecting, I immediately thought that this statement was light years away from reality!
We can not “demand” loyalty.
That is, we can “force” those under us to be submissive and loyal but, of course, we can not make a loyal heart by forcing it!
Loyalty should be “earned”, so the question is how do you earn loyalty from those who follow us?
There are three things that make us earn loyalty but we must always keep them in mind and we must apply them intentionally daily!
The first thing is to ” value people and above all to those who work with us and under us”.
There is no leader who devalues people and receives their loyalty. Surely they receive their “submission” but NEVER their loyalty!
They submit because they are forced but those who are forced never give their best but only the minimum to get by.
The second is to “give those who follow us something they can not get on their own”. 
He who is faithful knows in his heart that he has received from you something that he alone could not obtain. He knows you’ve added value to his life. He knows he is a better person because of your investment in his life and therefore HE IS LOYAL!
The third thing is CONSISTENCY. The moment does not make us good leaders, but a life of coherent actions makes us great leaders. The fairness of our decisions, the coherence expressed by our integrity, attracts the total loyalty of those who follow us!
Loyalty is the consequence of trust and dependence, and they are the result of consistency!
Consistency, adding value to others and value people will NEVER DEMAND loyalty because they’ve got it already!
So, do not demand loyalty but strive to earn it!
It depends totally on you!
Guy Sottile

Carpe Diem

The word for today is Carpe Diem!
Carpe diem literally means Capturing the Moment. It means living the present fully!
Yet we, almost always, push to tomorrow the important decisions that we should grab in the immediate present.
Think about it! Today is the tomorrow we projected yesterday!
Tomorrow is deceptive because it might not come and because we wrongly think that it justifies our hesitation of today! 
How many right decisions that could change our personal and professional life have we returned to tomorrow?
Yesterday it’s an expired bill and tomorrow a post-dated check. If we want to cash out, we have to do it today.
Yet the common trend is to amplify the past and to overestimate the future, losing sight that TODAY is what really matters to us!
Carpe Diem, do evaluate today, seize your opportunities, live intentionally giving value to every moment of the present.
Do it now, do it fast because LIFE IS NOW!

“Today is the Day of salvation”!
Guy Sottile


SUCCESS is the goal every person wants to achieve.
But what is its meaning?
1. Discover my unique purpose in life.

2. Focus on my strengths to grow and reach my full potential.

3. Share with others the principles and benefits of my success.
For many, success is the fruit to be harvested, but for me it is the seed to plant to help others achieve their success!
The true measure of my success is not what I get but what I give. It is in the number of seeds I can plant to add value to others!

Guy Sottile