How big are your expectations?
In life we reach targets that are proportional to our expectations! When expectations are higher than our possibilities we experience disappointments.
Therefore we must develop our strengths and our talents and set our expectations accordingly!
It is told that an older person was watching a young fisherman who was fishing with a line.
Strangely when he caught big fish he would throw them back into the sea and when fished fish of about 15 inches, he would put them in the bucket.
After observing this action repeatedly, the older man went to the young chap and asked him what was the logic behind throwing the great fish back and retaining only the smaller ones.
The young man replied: Sir, I own only a frying pot that is 15 inches wide!
The pot represents the measure of our expectations! 
Develop your talents, invest on yourself and go on for big things, in order to expect great things in return!
Guy Sottile

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