The word for today is Generosity!

The word for today is generosity.

This word excites me because as a child I always loved it.

I remember when after a soccer game, we were getting ready to go and get a pizza. I did not have any money but after a shower I found a few dollars in the locker room.

I asked if anyone had lost them but all responded negatively. Then I joined the group and together we went to eat a pizza. I said that to reward their honesty I would have offered the pizza to all.

My joy was not eating the pizza that night but seeing the satisfaction of my friends who ate the pizza that I had offered them!

There is a strong joy in seeing others enjoy as a result of our generosity. Clearly I could not show generosity if I had not found that money, because we can not share with others what we have not received first.

But generosity is not measured only by finances.

All, both rich and poor, can share what they have received. Sometimes it is a smile and a positive attitude, sometimes sharing some important contacts we have, sometimes a word of comfort and, increasingly, our pure friendship!

Who shares what he has with others, he or she will be given even more. This is an irrefutable law!

When I shared what I had with others, God has always given me more.

The main reason lies in the fact that God, by nature the donor par excellence, gives to those who in turn give to others!

The root of the word generosity indicates the potential to generate. Who does not share with others is sterile. Perhaps for this reason, many people who have wealth and fame live in mediocrity, because they do not know how to share what they have and do not sow in the lives of others.

Who is generous grafts seeds in the lives of others that bear their fruit in their own time.

Being generous means sharing the best of me with those who need it so that their potential flourishes for the common good.

At what level is our generosity? In life, what matters is not how much we have accumulated, but how much we have sown.

It is not important what we show off, but what we do to others as a result of our generosity.

Start this new day in the name of generosity and it will definitely pay off.

Perhaps this is precisely the meaning of the verse in the Bible that says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” he who gives secures the promise of receiving.

Generosity is a secure investment because blesses others but, more importantly, creates space in our personal tank to receive another filling of blessings to be shared with others.

With generosity value is generated in the other and you switch from a mere personal success to the true significance of your life.

Guy Sottile