The word for today is people! 
My job takes me to come in contact with an incredible number of people. Often I am finding myself in the middle of a city feeling overwhelmed by the people and it makes me desire to be in a desert island where to find space and tranquility. 
Thinking about it, however, I find that my desire is a result of the fact that I am always surrounded by people, and therefore do not appreciate them just because I always have them around. 
The truth is that often we do not appreciate what we have! 
Imagine being alone in an island like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. 
Just think at the discouragement of the actor to find out that on the island he is alone and isolated! 
The truth is that we were created to interact and by ourself this fundamental purpose can not be achieved! 
People are the field where every man and woman must sow during his lifetime. Each and everyone of us has a unique and original seed to plant, care for and watch it grow. 
Clearly not every seed falls on fertile ground but that does not mean we should stop sowing. In fact in our lifetime there will be at least one person who will bring the fruit of our sowing and this justifies our existence! 
It is an irrefutable principle to understand that without people we can not achieved anything! 
Identify the right people, with the right soil where our seed can provide and offer them the right direction! 
Who are the people you are investing in? What seed can you sow in someone life and without which those people will not produce lasting fruit ? 
Most people sow to bring fruit to their own interests and not to make someone else fertile life fruitful! 
Think of the people around you, which are the ones are the right ones to invest your life in? 
People are attracted to us because we are always in the prices of adding value to each and everyone of them. 
That’s why the great men in history have always attracted people to themselves: they had the right seeds to sow in the lives of the people they came in contact with! 
We too have something to offer and without people our mission is surely impossible to achieve! 
Invest this new day adding value to others around you and you will find the true meaning of your life! 
Guy Sottile

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