The word for today is Grit!

Grit means having tenacity and determination.

If you are governed by your emotions you do not go far but if you have grit you have a turbo in the engine of your life!

Grit replaces and improves our weaknesses and encourages us to take the extra steps that others do not take, to achieve the goals we have set for our life.

Grit is the driving force that makes us win even when we are not the best.

In fact, I prefer to have so much grit and few talents that many talents and a little grit!

Grit is a fundamental component for the final victory!

Start your day by showing your grit, it will convince those around you of your determination to carry out what you started!

For us, as people of faith, Grit is essential in demonstrating that we can do all things through Christ our Lord!

Guy Sottile

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