Success belongs to ALL!

A life can be altered if our attitude changes.

We are what we think.

If we think we are an accident of nature we will live without a clear orientation.

If instead, we think we have been programmed for a purpose created specifically for us we will find the way to go on in life with courage and authority!

Just as the birds were programmed to fly and the fish to live in the water, you and I were programmed to successfully achieve our goal.

Luck can accelerate success but it cannot create it. In fact, luck helps the brave!

Follow your passions, find your purpose and with your success, you will find the true meaning of your existence.

Today your destiny is crying out your name. Decide now and answer to fulfill the unique mission entrusted to you!

Do not stop at success though!

Success may not give you value and meaning if achieved only for personal and self-centered reasons.

The meaning and substance of a life is found ONLY when our success ADDS VALUE TO OTHERS!

Success gives you in return a career that will be soon forgotten BUT the VALUE and the SIGNIFICANCE of a life, is a CALL that will never be forgotten!

Guy Sottile



The word for today is Clarity!

We can live without certainties but we can not live without clarity.

If our vision is nebulous and opaque, it becomes difficult to have the determination necessary to live with enthusiasm and positivity.

To be clear you need to have the knowledge of the BIG picture, of the complete PHOTO of what we want to achieve!

To be successful in the career we have chosen, in the relationships we are building, in the vision we want to share with others, in the obstacles we want to overcome, we must be clear that it is mandatory to clearly know the big picture!

In my high school years, one of my favorite subjects was math. In my homework I was a champion! My secret was to read and reread the problem and identify the point of arrival.

On the contrary, my other companions immediately answered the various questions of the problem, trying to solve it in an inductive and not in a deductive way.

Clarity lies in identifying the point of arrival and ONLY THEN start to solve the problem!

As in a puzzle, it makes no sense to put the pieces together if FIRST you do not know the complete and clear figure of the finished puzzle!

If you want to face each day successfully, always have clear the goal you want to achieve and then take the right and correct steps that lead you to the goal!

Live today in the light of what you want to become tomorrow because the clear projection of what you want to achieve is the secret of a life worth living!

I hope I was clear 🙂

Gaetano Sottile


The word for today is Involvement!

Most people like to participate from outside and enter the game only when they think they are sure to win.

Everyone knows the famous words of lawyers that when they win a cause they say WE WON, but if they lose they say YOU LOST!I

I remember once at the stadium a spectator who, while eating a giant sandwich and drinking at least one liter of Coca Cola, criticized the players who, according to him, did not give the best of themselves.

I was tempted to take off the giant sandwich and the Coca Cola bottle and tell him to enter the field and show all his agonism!

Everyone criticizes and gives advice spitting judgments!

It’s easy to criticize when you are not involved first-person!

Keep in mind that trophies are not won on the bench but on the playing field.

Leave your spectator seat and embrace your involvement because each one of us has an important role to play in the race of our life!

Guy Sottile

The true meaning of Easter!

The true meaning of Easter!

Our life is full of conflicting events and emotions.
There is the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

There is the consciousness of being appreciated but also the consciousness of being ignored.

There is the satisfaction of justice but also the bitter wound of injustice.
There is the thrill of being loved but also the disappointment of being rejected.

There is the darkness of the night but also the light of day.
There is health but also sickness.

There is the full taste of life but also the hurt of death.
There is the hope of Christmas but also the harsh reality of Calvary.

Thank God for Easter which completes the list of opposites.
There is death and the Via Dolorosa of Good Friday, but there is the resurrection of Easter which proves that in Jesus we have eternal life!

The empty tomb is the proof but also the martyrdom of hundreds of witnesses of the resurrection who faced death with the belief that there is a resurrection, just as Jesus was preaching and has historically shown!

With the apostle Paul, we can then say: “Death, where is your strength”?
In a world where relativism and the center take the place of opposites and absolute, Easter reminds us that those who do not believe are lost, but those who believe even if dead will live!

Happy Easter!
Guy Sottile

The word for today is Try!

The word for today is Try!

This is a good word but certainly not a great word!

How many times have we said, okay I’ll try?

Trying gives out a sense of resignation.

In other words, I try and if I can not do it is okay!

Trying always leaves a way out if we fail in our intent!

Doing, on the contrary, leaves no way out.

I do it and do not give up until I can reach my purpose!

Let’s face our day with the attitude of doing and not trying, do not “let go of the bone” until we reach the established goal!

Determination and not feelings control our destiny!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is dedication!

What is the difference between the people who fulfill their projects and those who do not? What is the difference between people who have a dream that becomes a reality and those who, on the contrary, do not ?

The secret lies in their dedication!

Mistakenly people think that the ones are smarter or better than the others and this is the main ingredient of their success.

The real difference lies not on a higher rate of intelligence or even of luck but on the rate of dedication that is engaged once a project undertaken.

Dedication produces perseverance, courage, passion and desire!

Dedication is not in the mind but in the heart and, therefore, the in the values ​​we believe in and invest our lives on!

Today, if you think your pace is slowing down and that your steps are stumbling, measuring the rate of your dedication is the only way you can pick up the right steps that will lead you to the success of your projects!

The strongest and most effective words of Jesus were spoken on the cross when He said, IT IS FINISHED!

The secret of the achievement of his purpose which involved the death on the cross was certainly the dedication he had to his plan to reconnect humanity with the Father, even at the cost of his life!

May these words awaken in us the dedication necessary to accomplish the projects that make our individual life worth living!

Guy Sottile

Vision simplifies life!

The lack of a vision complicates our life BUT a clear vision makes our life easier!

Without vision the path before us is incredibly wide; with a clear vision the road narrows down and takes speed.

The vision simplifies life because it controls our decisions and makes us understand what we must do and what we must avoid.

Vision is our permanent address, our point of arrival (destination), therefore our destiny.

Virtually, vision dictates our priorities, thus lightening our responsibilities and making our actions more effective!

Vision simplifies life!

Guy Sottile