The word for today is surrendered. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports and I am very competitive! 
What I like in the competition is to be intense and to show my opponent, although better than me, that I will never throw in the towel and fight to the end. 
Rarely in the characteristics of a true champion you see the possibility that he throws in the towel as a sign of surrender. Yet in everyday life there are many people who see their opponents, often personified by the negative circumstances, so strong that they give up and throw in the towel as a sign of surrender! 
I could list countless examples of my life when I was tempted to give up, to throw in the towel because overwhelmed by the fact that I thought my circumstances were too strong to overcome. 
Yet my desire not to give up has changed almost always a defeat in a big victory! 
The secret to not give up is that everyone has a purpose and a goal to achieve, a divine call specifically for his life. 
We were created just for this, so destined to reach and accomplish our mission !
 Obstacles do not have to scare us or even threaten us to the point of throwing in the towel. 
We must learn to use them as fuel to our advantage. The primary reason that prevents the positive use of the obstacles is not to have a clear mission that is entrusted to us. 
In fact, the less clear our target is in our minds, the more likely that we stop in surrender. 
For this it is important to align our talents with the vision we have for our lives. 
When this happens, we will be like a sailboat that is able to use the headwind as energy to move forward and not backward. 
Everything is ready when we set the sail , called mainsail, in the right position and no obstacles can justify our surrender. This sail is a similitude of our heart and our attitude, the true cause of a yield or a victory.
 Attitude is our best friend or can become our worst enemy. 
Realizing this gives us assurance that we have enough resources , many times unknown to us, that motivate us not to surrender and be so overwhelmed. 
For believers, is so true the challenge of the apostle Paul: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Jesus)! 
Do not throw in the towel but pull out the faith that there is in you, always making sure that your vision is in harmony with your potential!
Guy Sottile

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