The word for today is clarity!
One of the obstacles to fulfilling our vision and reaching the prefixed goals is the lack of clarity.
Lack of clarity produces a fog that prevents us from seeing the path we have prefigured, slows down our speed, and dampens the intensity of our energy!
I once saw a cartoon episode of Charlie Brown.
Charlie was in the garden of the house and with a bow he darted the arrows against the home fence. When the arrow reached a point of the fence, Charlie drew a circle to prove he had hit the mark.
When Lucy came out to see what Charlie was doing, she saw the fence full of multiple circles.
Then she told Charlie that it was not the way to practice shooting, but Charlie said, “That’s the way I can be sure of hitting the target!”
This example demonstrates what lack of clarity produces!
Many people in the pursuit of success launch the arrow before and then cheat for having hit the mark! But doing so will waste their time and energy, and wonder why their personal and professional success is coming to an end!
Decide your goals today, make sure they are aligned with your skills and aim to hit them!
You can live without certainty but you can not live without clarity!
Learn this principle and stimulate your creativity to put it into practice by hitting the God-given target made for you!
Guy Sottile

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