The power of creativity!

The word for today is creativity!

This word is formed by two concepts: activity and create.

In other words the creativity of an individual is his ability to act in order to create.

Most of the people is no longer involved in creating new things but to criticize things and situations that already exist.

Criticizing is easy but, it is challenging to create.

Criticizing is demagogic and useless, while creating is both pragmatic and useful.

Those who control us have a vested interest to ensure that we do not create but that we adapt to what they have created for us.

In other words, drowning our ability to create has, as its ultimate objective, the control of our actions thus leaving many in mediocrity.

This is one of the reasons why I can not understand how many intelligent people do not believe in creation but belligerently they believe in evolution.

We were created to create in our time! In our uniqueness, we must understand that we are responsible for our own life. We need to control our life through creativity and not accept it the way it is.

From the individual life to the family and social life, we are called to create the coordinates that guide our actions.

Our creativity determines our uniqueness. I wonder if those around us are aware of our uniqueness or think of us as ordinary people, which is the result of an outdated model we are conforming due to the lack of commitment, determination and, therefore, creativity.

That’s why we face obstacles. They exist to leverage our creativity. Who gives up in the midst of trials and obstacles kills creativity.

Personally I think that , one of the many examples of creativity in the history of the world that strikes me most is the cross of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Bible teaches that God is pure and holy and that He cannot, by his own nature, coexist with what is unclean.

It teaches also that men are by nature impure and, therefore, incompatible with the holiness of God. This, however, does not stop the action of God who, above all else loves us and wants to connect with us, His creatures.

The creativity of God consist in becoming a man, live a Holy and perfect life and die as the last of the impure and sinful men. Jesus died for you and me!

God does not see our impurities because Jesus is dying for our impurities and sins .

So God is holy, but at the same time, through Jesus now has the ability to connect with us and let us know what is the life He has designed for each of us.

Being creative requires sacrifice, patience, humiliation, criticism, but it’s worth it when we reach our final purpose.

If our creativity is atrophying, you and I live in boredom and mediocrity.

Let’s react and lets face the obstacle with the creativity which each of us has been endowed.

What a joy to discover that we were created to create!

What a satisfaction to understand how much potential we have to leave our own mark in this world as the result of our creativity.

May this new week be a rematch of the awareness of our creativity!

Guy Sottile



The word for today is setbacks!

Those who think of living every day without setbacks, live in a world of fairy tales.

In every life it is inevitable to face problems, difficulties, disappointments and adversities!

The shots that throw us to the carpet are those that we do not expect and that we can not perceive before they arrive.

Falling to the mat and suffering a setback is normal for everyone!

When we are on the carpet do not get up right away but let’s get our strength back. Let’s ask ourselves what has knocked us down and why we have not been able to avoid it.

Then let’s get up because the setbacks can be and must be TEMPORARY and not final.

In fact, the component that defines a person is not the stop but the ability to get up!

Setbacks can only slow us down because in life there is always a second chance, you just have to want it!

Guy Sottile

Three kinds of people to achieve our vision

(A photo of the current political situation in Italy).

1. Confidants

They love you and believe in you unconditionally and support you always and in spite of everything.

2. Constituents

They love your vision but leave you once you reach it.

3. Comrades

They fight for the things we both want. They do not believe in us and/or our vision but they support what we are against.

We do not go anywhere without the confidants. David existed because there was a Jonathan! Choose your team members well. Without the confidants you have a vision destined to die!

Guy Sottile

The word for today is Contagious!

The word for today is contagious!

Whether we like it or not, our daily living brings us in touch with other people.

When you get in touch with others, 2 things happen:

1. We give or receive a positive contagion

2. We give or receive a negative contagion

There is not a third possibility!

My question is whether we prefer a positive contagion or negative contagion.

The question is clearly rhetorical!

In fact, if we could choose which contagion to receive, the answer would certainly be to be influenced positively by the people we come into contact with.

In the same way, other people prefer to receive our positive contagion!

In our daily life, we add value and positive contagion to others or we detract value because of our negativity!

Therefore, let us examine ourselves and the type of contagion with which we influence others.

In the same way, let’s rub shoulders with those who positively influence us and run away from those who negatively influence us. An old proverb says “who walks with the lame learns to limp”.

Let’s stay close to the people who celebrate us and not tolerate us!

I add that those who walk with those who positively influence them, learn to add value to others, thus giving a positive meaning to the mission of their life!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is responsibility!

Being responsible means controlling our actions intentionally!

If we want to see progress in every situation in which we are involved we must take our responsibilities: If it is to be, it is up to me!

Many run away from their responsibilities: they want respect but they want to get it without taking their responsibilities!

Everyone wants to be respected without taking responsibility!

The truth is that taking responsibility for oneself produces INEVITABILITY the respect we all yearn for!

Be a responsible person and start today!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is abundant!

The concept of this word is rendered best by the example that comes from the waves.

If we go to any beach in the world, we see the waves crashing on the beach, then they seem to run out and retire and then return again.

This ebb and flow is continuous, I would say forever!

Here this is the concept of abundance: an inexhaustible resource that adds strength and energy to our lives both personally and professionally!

Jesus declared that he had come to give life, and life in abundance! This statement makes us detect two concepts: one before and another comma after comma.

Two people living in the same house: one is living and the other lives in abundance.

Two people work together: one is living his work and the other is living his work in abundance. The abundance depends on whether and how we can find more resources for our lives. It all starts with discovering our only individual mission, our calling both personally and professionally.

Without this start there is no possibility to connect to the tank of abundance. Once we find the purpose, we decide to become permanent students who want to learn more and grow accordingly.

These two basic steps are the springboard for an abundant life!

My question that I want to address is as follows: On which side of the comma are you living your life?

Are you just living or are you living in abundance?

Here is success: you will not be satisfied with living but you learn to live an abundant life that comes from having found your personal and professional purpose and have given yourself to the development and completion of the same.

Look at those waves hurl themselves tirelessly on the beach and decide today to grab their inexhaustible power to live an abundant life!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is Honor!

When I think about honor I think about a ceremony where someone gets recognized for his loyal, creative and courageous service.

I think about applauses, medals and several speeches to honor the person worth of this recognition.

This is good but there is more.

For me honor is a daily attitude of people of integrity who in spite of the fact that they are recognized or not, , do the right things with discipline and faithfulness.

They do it not for recognition but because they are passionate about the principles that lease their life, regardless of their personal recognition.

When a few years back Italian music writer Ennio Morricone ( author of all the spaghetti western movies like the good, the bad and the ugly and many more ) received the academy award in LA FOR HIS CAREER , he said:

I want to dedicate this Oscar to the many musicians who deserve it but will never get it!

That’s it! Honor is not a recognition but a daily attitude displayed by the real heroes of everyday life.

To sum it up, honor is not what others say and show you but WHAT YOU KNOW YOU REALLY ARE!

Are you a real hero worth of honor or someone looking for honor to become a hero?

May this question sink down strong in our daily actions.

Guy Sottile