The word for today is far-sighted

The word for today is far-sighted!

“The person of success sees ahead of others”!

Human nature leads us to react to every event and circumstance of life. From the moment we get up in the morning if the sky is gray also we tend to be gray. If we are contradicted our attitude is negatively affected and so are our actions.

If something does not go according to plan we tend to react to align everything and solve the obstacles in the immediacy.

Being far- sighted does not happen spontaneously but is the main feature of those who wish to succeed in life!

“The person of success sees ahead of others”!

The problems of today do not distract him/her from because the eyes are fixed at the finish line.

Foresight knows that the obstacles and challenges are deviations that lead us in the right path to get to the finishing line.

Foresight produces tenacity to grab the prize prepared for us and win the negativity of today.

Jesus of Nazareth, for the joy that was before him (farsightedness) bear the cross (Hebrews12 ) because it was the springboard for his resurrection!

The cross is the sacrifice and determination that every person must have to achieve the life you have always wanted to live. We all have a cross to take and big or small, it is always heavy!

The difference between winners and losers is precisely LOOKING AHEAD TO THE FINISHING LINE!

Guy Sottile



The word for today is TODAY!

The general tendency is always to overestimate the past and the future and underestimate the present!

How many times we have heard phrases like: those were that good old times! or when we have achieved what we aspire to then we will see some beautiful things happen!

Yet the past has gone and will never return, while the future may never come because no one knows when our earthly life will cease to exist!

What matters is TODAY, because what we do today brings us closer or moves us away from the goals we have set for ourselves!

Every day is a unique and wonderful gift that is given to us, we must use it to the fullest!

Every day of our life influences and prepares the next day!

What we want to become tomorrow is 100% determined by what we do today!

May your every day be the preview of what you want to become tomorrow!

Guy Sottile

The word for today is Christmas!

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you what Christmas means to me.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the word DIGNITY. In a time of great social and financial crisis, the complaining does not seem to be the best thing to do especially for those who call themselves Christians!

Joseph and Mary did not complain about the failure to find a suitable place to give birth to Jesus, but with DIGNITY, found a place, even if very humble, to proceed with the plan of God for their lives.

They certainly would have wished for a better place but if they only complained, they would have lost not only their dignity but also the opportunity to fulfill the plan of God through their lives.

In this critical moment, what is it easier to do: lose our dignity or use our creativity to find an alternative to God’s plan for our lives?

The second word that comes to my mind is ALTERNATIVE.

Joseph and Mary with dignity looked for an alternative and found it in a barn.

They have no heating but find an ox and a donkey to produce heat. They didn’t have a cradle but found a manger. They did have light but found the light coming from the moon and the stars.

Where there is dignity there always be the possibility of finding an alternative motivated by the fact that God’s plan will always be accomplished if we allow ourselves to be guided by Him!

One proverb that always encourages me is that God will make a way where there seems to be no way!

The third word that comes to mind is FILTER.

In times of crisis, I always wonder WHY, why me, why God does not seem to provide what I think I need.

The main reason is that our alternatives that seem foolish for the human minds always create a filter through which God connects us to the right people who love us for who we are and what we stand for and NOT for what we have and show. The magi worshiped Jesus for who he was, that is a king even if born in a manger!

I am convinced that what we are is worth more than what we have and show.

Christmas clarifies from the outset that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is great and big inside and that he is interested in changing our hearts rather than our outward appearance!

Therefore, my wish is that this Christmas will remove unnecessary earthly and fleshly complaints and will reveal through our lives DIGNITY, ALTERNATIVE and FILTERS by which we can connect with the people with whom we want to invest our lives to fulfill the plan that God has in mind for each of us!

Merry Christmas!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is enriching!

This word implies a sense of abundance. When I think of a person who enriches me, I think of a person who improves my life.

This person improves my life mentally with what he says,and improves me at the level of experience sharing experiences from his own life.

Actually who enriches me makes me a better person!

Clearly we can not enrich if we don’t have something positive to share.

In fact we can not give to others something that we ourselves do not have!

Enriching means that I have something of value that I want to deposit in someone’s life: we teach what we know but we reproduce what others see that we do successfully!

So we can enrich people by giving an abundant perspective of life, placing in them the elements that add value to their potential.

Who we are enriching today? Who are the people we are laying the positive things we experience in our lives? What real actions that have borne fruit in our lives we are, intentionally, sharing with those less wealthy than us?

Enriching does not mean redistribute from the rich to the poor: enriching means sharing the principles that have enriched me with those who are not rich!

The true concept of wealth lies not in what we have but in who we are.

The best way to invest our wealth DOES NOT have as its main object the multiplication of what we own but OF WHAT WE ARE!

Let’s identify the right people who want and need to be enriched, revealing to them the principles that have changed our hearts, renewed our minds and marked our way of being and doing!

Enriching, adding value to those around us, should be the driving force behind everything we do!

Guy Sottile

Just do it!

The word for today is do it !

There are two types of people. Those who act when they feel ready to act and those who act even if they do not feel ready, knowing that their good deeds will also produce the right emotions.

It is not the emotions that control our actions, but our actions that control our emotions!

Knowing what is the right thing to do, even if we don’t feel like doing it, always brings lasting fruit to our lives.

How many of us today know clearly what they have to do but falter because not supported by their emotions?

Emotions are like electric wires that come into contact in the wrong way creating short circuits.

The right actions are those processes that put the right wires in contact with each other in order to produce energy and not short-circuits.

For people of faith, the challenge is to act according to their conscience, not because it makes them feel good, but because it is the right thing to do!

The essence of relativism lies in the emotions: we do what makes us feel good!

This emotional anarchy produces short circuits that cause the confusion and the injustice in which we live today.

The Apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 7, that he knew what was the right thing to do but he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t have the right emotions and, therefore, was doing what he didn’t want to do!

Simply put, never let your emotions dictated the details of your actions.

The chapter ends with the question: Who shall bring me out of this trap?

In Romans8, Paul says that Jesus is his model and example who saves him from this confusion because he reveals the meaning of life: get in connection with our creator!

In Ephesians Paul concludes this argument by saying that salvation has the aim of producing good works, that is, good deeds, prepared, and this is the gem, for those who act righteously!

Act righteously and your emotions will produce light and not short-circuits.

Just do it!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is circumstances,

The circumstances that come to us daily are an irreversible and inevitable fact.

They are life events, they are the components of life!

There are two types of people:

Those who accept the circumstances and those who control them.

People who accept them show a perspective of life that I would call passive.

In other words, they look forward to the circumstances and hope to come out with as little damage as possible.

Other people, on the contrary, do not passively accept them but wait for them having a strategy to win!

The difference lies in the fact that most people accept passively while others lead their lives through circumstances that are often unfavorable.

Lead your life and do not be controlled by it!

I remember when I was on the boat I found myself in Corsica before facing the straight of Bonifacio. The waves were huge and the sea strengthened was at level 8.

Most sailors landed in a crowded bay and agreed to stop while I and 2 other boats used all our nautical knowledge to cross over.

We practically refused to be controlled by negative circumstances and led our boats through the swirling sea.

Eventually we arrived in Sardinia where a calm and crystalline sea was waiting for us.

Those who stayed in Corsica were stuck there for 5 days while I enjoyed a nice vacation.

I did not allow the circumstances to lead, but I faced them by controlling them.

The difference was in the positive attitude I have to face every day and all the circumstances, both negative and positive.

Win the circumstances and not be won by them!

This is the difference between those who are successful and those who are not!

The circumstances do not form us, we form ourselves by controlling the circumstances of our lives.

If this week you will face negative circumstances do not react unprepared.

Remember the leader does not react but he acts, this is his main feature!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is fortitude.

One of the activities that Sondra and I did with our daughters was to visit the Spanish fortresses on the Tyrrhenian coast of our beautiful Italy.

Especially in western Tuscany and in the islands of the archipelago.

Unforgettable Cape Stella in Argentario and Giglio Island Castle!

What struck us was the impressive structure and thickness of any fortress.

Following the directions of the brochure, we read all the attacks that these forts had suffered and how it was impossible to overcome them to the point that some of them never got conquered by the enemy!

Their lasting strength was such that even in World War II , they were used as strategic locations.

Their secret laid in the foundations that were very thick and deep.

They were built to last and stay and to show impressive strength.

In our lives the word fortitude is essential.


An attitude that reflects the qualities of a fortress! It means building an attitude that resists adversity. An attitude that does not yield to the attacks of those who want to hurt us, that does not bend in the face of difficulties.

It means that although we can not control what comes out against us, criticisms, disappointments, broken promises, oppression, injustice and falsehood, WE CAN CONTROL what is happening inside of us because the foundations of our life are strong and durable and, therefore, I have a strength of soul and mind that allows me to win every day.

If fortitude is not one of our strong points, our forte, I hope that this reflection will stimulate you to look at the foundations of your life to see if it is founded upon a rock or on a sandy soil.

Jesus in all his teachings always pointed attention to the foundation and not on appearance!

Who builds his soul, gives himself fortitude and protects it , he is the one who has discovered the true success of a lifetime.

Guy Sottile