The word for today is Honor!

When I think about honor I think about a ceremony where someone gets recognized for his loyal, creative and courageous service.

I think about applauses, medals and several speeches to honor the person worth of this recognition.

This is good but there is more.

For me honor is a daily attitude of people of integrity who in spite of the fact that they are recognized or not, , do the right things with discipline and faithfulness.

They do it not for recognition but because they are passionate about the principles that lease their life, regardless of their personal recognition.

When a few years back Italian music writer Ennio Morricone ( author of all the spaghetti western movies like the good, the bad and the ugly and many more ) received the academy award in LA FOR HIS CAREER , he said:

I want to dedicate this Oscar to the many musicians who deserve it but will never get it!

That’s it! Honor is not a recognition but a daily attitude displayed by the real heroes of everyday life.

To sum it up, honor is not what others say and show you but WHAT YOU KNOW YOU REALLY ARE!

Are you a real hero worth of honor or someone looking for honor to become a hero?

May this question sink down strong in our daily actions.

Guy Sottile-GLA

Success is guaranteed!

All the laws existing in the world, from those of physics to those of nature, have been given to us by our programmer NOT to restrict our freedom MA to guarantee us a successful life! Learn and apply the instructions for your life correctly and success will come to you, because otherwise it will affect the REPUTATION of those who have programmed you! In short, as well as in nature, your life has been programmed for success and not for failure! GLA- Guy Leadership Academy

Don’t abuse your life !

It is possible to do well something that is wrong for us! Because where the purpose of our life is not clear, abusing our life is an unavoidable fact! Find the true purpose of your life as soon as possible and embrace it with all the zeal you have! Guy – GLA

Time defined!

Time is the most important component of our life.

It is related to our emotions. We focus on what we consider important and what we feel like doing.

When we say we do not have time we say a lie because we always find the time to do what we feel like doing!

The principle to learn is that our time is stimulated and managed by our emotions!

Let’s embrace the right emotions – feelings, only in this way will we manage our time wisely!

Guy Sottile – GLA

Just do it!

The word for today is do it !

There are two types of people. Those who act when they feel ready to act and those who act even if they do not feel ready, knowing that their good deeds will also produce the right emotions.

It is not the emotions that control our actions, but our actions that control our emotions!

Knowing what is the right thing to do, even if we don’t feel like doing it, always brings lasting fruit to our lives.

How many of us today know clearly what they have to do but falter because not supported by their emotions?

Emotions are like electric wires that come into contact in the wrong way creating short circuits.

The right actions are those processes that put the right wires in contact with each other in order to produce energy and not short-circuits.

For people of faith, the challenge is to act according to their conscience, not because it makes them feel good, but because it is the right thing to do!

The essence of relativism lies in the emotions: we do what makes us feel good!

This emotional anarchy produces short circuits that cause the confusion and the injustice in which we live today.

The Apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 7, that he knew what was the right thing to do but he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t have the right emotions and, therefore, was doing what he didn’t want to do!

Simply put, never let your emotions dictated the details of your actions.

The chapter ends with the question: Who shall bring me out of this trap?

In Romans8, Paul says that Jesus is his model and example who saves him from this confusion because he reveals the meaning of life: get in connection with our creator!

In Ephesians Paul concludes this argument by saying that salvation has the aim of producing good works, that is, good deeds, prepared, and this is the gem, for those who act righteously!

Act righteously and your emotions will produce light and not short-circuits.

Just do it!

Guy Sottile

God’s principles and laws!

Life is not a game BUT an opportunity to be taken and to be completed!

We do not play with our life!

The principles and the laws to lead our life are not given to accommodate our vices and our mistakes BUT to awaken our conscience and thus produce the NEEDED transformation to live a life worth living that beyond success wants to reach SIGNIFICANCE!


If our actions are done to please others, then we are politicians and not leaders!

The leader sees before others and beyond others.

He is not a performer of the will of many BUT the lookout who discovers the path that benefits everyone and creates a permanent well-being for all.

Those who follow the leader do so not because they are forced but because they see the leader as a CREDIBLE guide!

Here is the goal to which each of us should long for: Be credible guides and not popular leaders because popularity is temporary but credibility lasts over time!

Jesus, leader and king of a Kingdom and not of a religion, is not always popular in his teachings but remains credible after 2018 years because his principles if applied, by those who believe and do not believe, make our life worth living!

In fact, like Thomas, if we try the principles taught by Jesus, we will discover His credibility and therefore the reason for our existence!

Focus on being credible and not popular and you will discover the leader within you!

Guy Sottile