Just do it!

The word for today is do it !

There are two types of people. Those who act when they feel ready to act and those who act even if they do not feel ready, knowing that their good deeds will also produce the right emotions.

It is not the emotions that control our actions, but our actions that control our emotions!

Knowing what is the right thing to do, even if we don’t feel like doing it, always brings lasting fruit to our lives.

How many of us today know clearly what they have to do but falter because not supported by their emotions?

Emotions are like electric wires that come into contact in the wrong way creating short circuits.

The right actions are those processes that put the right wires in contact with each other in order to produce energy and not short-circuits.

For people of faith, the challenge is to act according to their conscience, not because it makes them feel good, but because it is the right thing to do!

The essence of relativism lies in the emotions: we do what makes us feel good!

This emotional anarchy produces short circuits that cause the confusion and the injustice in which we live today.

The Apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 7, that he knew what was the right thing to do but he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t have the right emotions and, therefore, was doing what he didn’t want to do!

Simply put, never let your emotions dictated the details of your actions.

The chapter ends with the question: Who shall bring me out of this trap?

In Romans8, Paul says that Jesus is his model and example who saves him from this confusion because he reveals the meaning of life: get in connection with our creator!

In Ephesians Paul concludes this argument by saying that salvation has the aim of producing good works, that is, good deeds, prepared, and this is the gem, for those who act righteously!

Act righteously and your emotions will produce light and not short-circuits.

Just do it!

Guy Sottile

God’s principles and laws!

Life is not a game BUT an opportunity to be taken and to be completed!

We do not play with our life!

The principles and the laws to lead our life are not given to accommodate our vices and our mistakes BUT to awaken our conscience and thus produce the NEEDED transformation to live a life worth living that beyond success wants to reach SIGNIFICANCE!


If our actions are done to please others, then we are politicians and not leaders!

The leader sees before others and beyond others.

He is not a performer of the will of many BUT the lookout who discovers the path that benefits everyone and creates a permanent well-being for all.

Those who follow the leader do so not because they are forced but because they see the leader as a CREDIBLE guide!

Here is the goal to which each of us should long for: Be credible guides and not popular leaders because popularity is temporary but credibility lasts over time!

Jesus, leader and king of a Kingdom and not of a religion, is not always popular in his teachings but remains credible after 2018 years because his principles if applied, by those who believe and do not believe, make our life worth living!

In fact, like Thomas, if we try the principles taught by Jesus, we will discover His credibility and therefore the reason for our existence!

Focus on being credible and not popular and you will discover the leader within you!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is tough!

This is one of those words that has two definite meanings: one negative and one positive.

Let s start with the negative one, very much in vogue today.

Many people show their toughness with a rude attitude, being harsh, brutal and sometimes violent.

This stems from a concept that has its roots in the thought that only the toughest and strongest are worthy of attention, trust and submission.

They have a tense face , probably several tattoos, make a loud voice to reclaim their position, their titles at the expense of the weak.

This hardness is almost always justified by deep wounds and bad experiences that these “tough” people have suffered in their lives, making them suspicious, doubtful and always on the defensive.

This hardness will never cure their wounds but on the contrary will feed them until their hardness will eventually make them implode.

Just remember what happened in the life of Pharaoh that harshly confronted Moses until the same toughness pulverized him completely!

The positive side of the word tough is in the ability to deal with adversity, to recover quickly, to have a strong character despite the obstacles that need to be overcome.

Here is the person who does not abandon his dream, his goals and is tough inside, determined to achieve his goals without exploiting the lives of others but, rather, attracting them in his quest for a permanent well-being for all !

The question that I address to you for this new day is if you are a tough person in a negative or positive sense of the word.

I remember a story in which a tough man was asked if he ever was down.

His response was: never! I am always up or getting up but never down.

This is the tough person we all need to become!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is contagious!

Whether we like it or not, our daily living brings us in touch with other people.

When you get in touch with others, 2 things happen:

1. We give or receive a positive contagion

2. We give or receive a negative contagion

There is not a third possibility!

My question is whether we prefer a positive contagion or negative contagion.

The question is clearly rhetorical!

In fact, if we could choose which contagion to receive, the answer would certainly be to be influenced positively by the people we come into contact with.

In the same way, other people prefer to receive our positive contagion!

In our daily life, we add value and positive contagion to others or we detract value because of our negativity!

Therefore, let us examine ourselves and the type of contagion with which we influence others.

In the same way, let’s rub shoulders with those who positively influence us and run away from those who negatively influence us. An old proverb says “who walks with the lame learns to limp”.

Let’s stay close to the people who celebrate us and not tolerate us!

I add that those who walk with those who positively influence them, learn to add value to others, thus giving a positive meaning to the mission of their life!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is daring!

There is no single model for successful people. It depends on the various personalities, timing and opportunities.

To dare, therefore to risk, is one of the few common features of all people who have succeeded.

There is no progress and remuneration without a conscious will to risk.

To risk, you have to dare and get out of your comfort zone.

Unfortunately, fear often keep us in the security of our mediocrity and discourages any risky action without which it is impossible to find success!

Keep in mind that to dare you have to come out of your area of comfort and convenience but NEVER from your areas of strength!

If we do not follow this principle, the risk will be too great and we will crash against a life of mediocrity!

For people of faith, daring means just putting their faith in action!

Know what God has designed for each of us, the talents He has given us and dare to believe in faith that He has a wonderful plan for our lives!

Here is the difference between nominal believers and real ones: the one who really believes, is not content with the mediocrity inherent in the status quo!

Those who have faith do not dare to reach the victory but dare because they act from a position of victory!

Daring is a good word that must not scare us but must instead become a constant in achieving the goals of our life!

Do not dare to believe but dare because you believe!

Guy Sottile


“Clarity is the mother of certainty”!

True motivation comes only when you have a clear vision of your program.

Knowing clearly what we want is the driving force that leads to the achievement of our goal.

Many throw in the towel NOT because they do not have the capacity or the right motivation but because they do not have a clear vision of what they want.

Clarity is more important than certainty because those who have a clear goal to reach have the certainty of obtaining it.

How clear is your goal or program that you have set for yourself?

Clarity is the mother of certainty!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is adequate!

This word represents a boundary between normality and excellence!

The border between the status quo and progress!

To be adequate is like putting a block on our potential!

The one who adapts, being adequate, closes the doors to personal and professional growth to live an ORDINARY life when, on the contrary, we have been created to live an EXTRAORDINARY life!

In the highway of life, there are no speed limits and those who adapt risk to see others go on and stay behind!

Going beyond adequate, does not mean to be rebellious BUT it means to influence instead of being influenced by those who want to exploit our potential and not by those who want to ADD VALUE TO OUR LIFE!

Do not adapt but value your life with the talents you received from Who created you FOR GREAT WORKS!

GUY Sottile


The word for today is to serve.

To be a servant you must be a mature person.

The mature person is the one who puts the others first, while the immature person is the one who puts himself first.

Our ego is in a strong minority in a world full of billions of people. Investing only in ourselves and believing that we are at the center of the world leads to a brutal failure to say the least!

Being a servant means intentionally helping people around us to solve their problems and find the purpose on which to invest their lives.

By serving others we will find the right place for our talents and add value to those we serve with our resources, advice, examples, thus offering a winning model to replicate.

True success lies in serving and not in being served!

The path to success is not to go up but to go down.

Those who truly love themselves demonstrate this by loving and serving others.

This model can be seen in the most influential historical figures whose memory remains and grows even after their departure.

Often the main question is who will take our place.

The answer I found is nobody!

Nobody, because during a life of service we have multiplied ourselves in others by adding our potential in their lives.

Perhaps, in this perspective, the famous words “who loses his life will find it” will gain a sense in your mind.

To lose one’s life does not mean to die but to serve others by investing in them.

I would say that the more we go down and the more we pull ourselves up!

The choice is ours!

Gaetano Sottile


The word for today is solid!

Every person, event or thing is thought solid when has depth and strength!

A solid person does not waver, emanates trust and communicates credibility.

The solidity attracts every molecule to the center and keeps everything glued together and therefore does not flake.

This principle derives from the attraction of positive and negative molecules.

Negative with negative and positive with positive reject one another and work against solidity!

For this reason, we must not avoid or complain when people, events or negative circumstances flood our lives. They are attracted to what is positive in us.

Embracing the positive and negative things gives us the ability to build a solid life, a solid business, a solid family thus removing any threat of exhaustion for the mission to which each of us has been called!

Everything works together for good to give strength to our existence!

Guy Sottile

Why we must grow!

People embrace the leader before embracing his vision.

This is why it is important to invest in PERSONAL growth, the only guarantee of increasing our influence!

Confidence towards the leader only grows when the leader grows!

Do not waste today because it determines what we can become tomorrow !!!

Gaetano Sottile



A brand represents a symbol of excellence!

Many, before starting, invest a lot to create their own branding.

One thing I know: If you are not successful, the investment made in branding will not take you far!

We need to invest on the product, on ourselves before launching a branding, because it is easy to pretend to be what we are not!

So we must aim to be great inside and sooner or later we will be great outside!

Our success and the benefits we bring to those we turn to represent the true branding, the one that lasts and grows over time.

Jesus of Nazareth taught this and his branding, the principles he taught, still last after 2,000 years!

Guy Sottile