If our actions are done to please others, then we are politicians and not leaders!

The leader sees before others and beyond others.

He is not a performer of the will of many BUT the lookout who discovers the path that benefits everyone and creates a permanent well-being for all.

Those who follow the leader do so not because they are forced but because they see the leader as a CREDIBLE guide!

Here is the goal to which each of us should long for: Be credible guides and not popular leaders because popularity is temporary but credibility lasts over time!

Jesus, leader and king of a Kingdom and not of a religion, is not always popular in his teachings but remains credible after 2018 years because his principles if applied, by those who believe and do not believe, make our life worth living!

In fact, like Thomas, if we try the principles taught by Jesus, we will discover His credibility and therefore the reason for our existence!

Focus on being credible and not popular and you will discover the leader within you!

Guy Sottile

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