The word for today is tough!

This is one of those words that has two definite meanings: one negative and one positive.

Let s start with the negative one, very much in vogue today.

Many people show their toughness with a rude attitude, being harsh, brutal and sometimes violent.

This stems from a concept that has its roots in the thought that only the toughest and strongest are worthy of attention, trust and submission.

They have a tense face , probably several tattoos, make a loud voice to reclaim their position, their titles at the expense of the weak.

This hardness is almost always justified by deep wounds and bad experiences that these “tough” people have suffered in their lives, making them suspicious, doubtful and always on the defensive.

This hardness will never cure their wounds but on the contrary will feed them until their hardness will eventually make them implode.

Just remember what happened in the life of Pharaoh that harshly confronted Moses until the same toughness pulverized him completely!

The positive side of the word tough is in the ability to deal with adversity, to recover quickly, to have a strong character despite the obstacles that need to be overcome.

Here is the person who does not abandon his dream, his goals and is tough inside, determined to achieve his goals without exploiting the lives of others but, rather, attracting them in his quest for a permanent well-being for all !

The question that I address to you for this new day is if you are a tough person in a negative or positive sense of the word.

I remember a story in which a tough man was asked if he ever was down.

His response was: never! I am always up or getting up but never down.

This is the tough person we all need to become!

Guy Sottile

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