The word for today is daring!

There is no single model for successful people. It depends on the various personalities, timing and opportunities.

To dare, therefore to risk, is one of the few common features of all people who have succeeded.

There is no progress and remuneration without a conscious will to risk.

To risk, you have to dare and get out of your comfort zone.

Unfortunately, fear often keep us in the security of our mediocrity and discourages any risky action without which it is impossible to find success!

Keep in mind that to dare you have to come out of your area of comfort and convenience but NEVER from your areas of strength!

If we do not follow this principle, the risk will be too great and we will crash against a life of mediocrity!

For people of faith, daring means just putting their faith in action!

Know what God has designed for each of us, the talents He has given us and dare to believe in faith that He has a wonderful plan for our lives!

Here is the difference between nominal believers and real ones: the one who really believes, is not content with the mediocrity inherent in the status quo!

Those who have faith do not dare to reach the victory but dare because they act from a position of victory!

Daring is a good word that must not scare us but must instead become a constant in achieving the goals of our life!

Do not dare to believe but dare because you believe!

Guy Sottile

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