You are unique!

The word for today is unique!

One of the hidden concepts of our day is the uniqueness of each of us. Although it is difficult to comprehend, with all the billions of men and women in the world, you and I are UNIQUE!

There are not fingerprints equal, there are not DNA equal. Each of us is an original! The awareness of our uniqueness is one of the strongest motivations that exist!

A great teacher of life, Joyce Meyer, once said that God will help you become the best of yourself but NEVER WILL HELP YOU TO BECOME EQUAL TO ANOTHER PERSON YOU KNOW!

Knowing that we are unique leads us to understand that we have a unique and special mission.

It teaches us to appreciate our every similar even if it is not equal to us.

It widens our mental boundaries and takes away from us every desire of discrimination.

It prompts us to seek unity in diversity.

It grows in us the desire to add value and invest on others, knowing that every life has a uniqueness that enriches the community.

Who does not believe in the uniqueness of his life tends to remain in the status quo, in anonymity. He is dead even if he has not yet made it official.

Do you believe in being a unique person with a unique purpose and a unique contribution that only you can give and is there an enthusiasm that becoming the best you can ever be will affect you and those around you?

Darwin said that man comes from monkeys. Well, the monkey copies, hence the saying monkey see monkey do.

Man, on the other hand, creates and leaves a trace of its uniqueness.

This is the reason why God created us and gave us power by assigning to each of us a specific and unique task !

Whatever your reaction to this reflection, know that I respect you because you are unique!

Guy Sottile

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