The power of empowering!

The word for today is empowering!

All the true leaders have the main goal of empowering their disciples.

The pseudo-leaders, on the contrary, suffer from insecurity syndrome that keeps them from boosting, equipping and investing in others.

These pseudo-leaders will never achieve true success because their insecurity leads them to think only of their own interests.

Safe leaders, that is, the true ones, strongly want the success of their disciples and followers and want them to become even better than them. The target lies in the famous saying: the disciple surpasses the master!

I also want to add that the true leader experiences a personal failure if he does not see those whom he leads and mentors, reach goals that he himself has not reached!

My frequent question is whether those who are growing with my resources, talents, and guidance are positioning themselves to surpass me.

If the answer is yes, then and only then I can consider my investment as a personal success.

If the empowering of those who follow us and learn from us becomes our main goal then we will make a big difference in this world.

Finally, in strengthening those who follow us, we will see a return in our mission and vision!

Guy Sottile

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