The word for today is setbacks!

Those who think of living every day without setbacks, live in a world of fairy tales.

In every life it is inevitable to face problems, difficulties, disappointments and adversities!

The shots that throw us to the carpet are those that we do not expect and that we can not perceive before they arrive.

Falling to the mat and suffering a setback is normal for everyone!

When we are on the carpet do not get up right away but let’s get our strength back. Let’s ask ourselves what has knocked us down and why we have not been able to avoid it.

Then let’s get up because the setbacks can be and must be TEMPORARY and not final.

In fact, the component that defines a person is not the stop but the ability to get up!

Setbacks can only slow us down because in life there is always a second chance, you just have to want it!

Guy Sottile

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