The word for today is abundant!

The concept of this word is rendered best by the example that comes from the waves.

If we go to any beach in the world, we see the waves crashing on the beach, then they seem to run out and retire and then return again.

This ebb and flow is continuous, I would say forever!

Here this is the concept of abundance: an inexhaustible resource that adds strength and energy to our lives both personally and professionally!

Jesus declared that he had come to give life, and life in abundance! This statement makes us detect two concepts: one before and another comma after comma.

Two people living in the same house: one is living and the other lives in abundance.

Two people work together: one is living his work and the other is living his work in abundance. The abundance depends on whether and how we can find more resources for our lives. It all starts with discovering our only individual mission, our calling both personally and professionally.

Without this start there is no possibility to connect to the tank of abundance. Once we find the purpose, we decide to become permanent students who want to learn more and grow accordingly.

These two basic steps are the springboard for an abundant life!

My question that I want to address is as follows: On which side of the comma are you living your life?

Are you just living or are you living in abundance?

Here is success: you will not be satisfied with living but you learn to live an abundant life that comes from having found your personal and professional purpose and have given yourself to the development and completion of the same.

Look at those waves hurl themselves tirelessly on the beach and decide today to grab their inexhaustible power to live an abundant life!

Guy Sottile

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