Success belongs to ALL!

A life can be altered if our attitude changes.

We are what we think.

If we think we are an accident of nature we will live without a clear orientation.

If instead, we think we have been programmed for a purpose created specifically for us we will find the way to go on in life with courage and authority!

Just as the birds were programmed to fly and the fish to live in the water, you and I were programmed to successfully achieve our goal.

Luck can accelerate success but it cannot create it. In fact, luck helps the brave!

Follow your passions, find your purpose and with your success, you will find the true meaning of your existence.

Today your destiny is crying out your name. Decide now and answer to fulfill the unique mission entrusted to you!

Do not stop at success though!

Success may not give you value and meaning if achieved only for personal and self-centered reasons.

The meaning and substance of a life is found ONLY when our success ADDS VALUE TO OTHERS!

Success gives you in return a career that will be soon forgotten BUT the VALUE and the SIGNIFICANCE of a life, is a CALL that will never be forgotten!

Guy Sottile

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