The word for today is Clarity!

We can live without certainties but we can not live without clarity.

If our vision is nebulous and opaque, it becomes difficult to have the determination necessary to live with enthusiasm and positivity.

To be clear you need to have the knowledge of the BIG picture, of the complete PHOTO of what we want to achieve!

To be successful in the career we have chosen, in the relationships we are building, in the vision we want to share with others, in the obstacles we want to overcome, we must be clear that it is mandatory to clearly know the big picture!

In my high school years, one of my favorite subjects was math. In my homework I was a champion! My secret was to read and reread the problem and identify the point of arrival.

On the contrary, my other companions immediately answered the various questions of the problem, trying to solve it in an inductive and not in a deductive way.

Clarity lies in identifying the point of arrival and ONLY THEN start to solve the problem!

As in a puzzle, it makes no sense to put the pieces together if FIRST you do not know the complete and clear figure of the finished puzzle!

If you want to face each day successfully, always have clear the goal you want to achieve and then take the right and correct steps that lead you to the goal!

Live today in the light of what you want to become tomorrow because the clear projection of what you want to achieve is the secret of a life worth living!

I hope I was clear 🙂

Gaetano Sottile

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