The true meaning of Easter!

The true meaning of Easter!

Our life is full of conflicting events and emotions.
There is the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

There is the consciousness of being appreciated but also the consciousness of being ignored.

There is the satisfaction of justice but also the bitter wound of injustice.
There is the thrill of being loved but also the disappointment of being rejected.

There is the darkness of the night but also the light of day.
There is health but also sickness.

There is the full taste of life but also the hurt of death.
There is the hope of Christmas but also the harsh reality of Calvary.

Thank God for Easter which completes the list of opposites.
There is death and the Via Dolorosa of Good Friday, but there is the resurrection of Easter which proves that in Jesus we have eternal life!

The empty tomb is the proof but also the martyrdom of hundreds of witnesses of the resurrection who faced death with the belief that there is a resurrection, just as Jesus was preaching and has historically shown!

With the apostle Paul, we can then say: “Death, where is your strength”?
In a world where relativism and the center take the place of opposites and absolute, Easter reminds us that those who do not believe are lost, but those who believe even if dead will live!

Happy Easter!
Guy Sottile

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