The word for today is dedication!

What is the difference between the people who fulfill their projects and those who do not? What is the difference between people who have a dream that becomes a reality and those who, on the contrary, do not ?

The secret lies in their dedication!

Mistakenly people think that the ones are smarter or better than the others and this is the main ingredient of their success.

The real difference lies not on a higher rate of intelligence or even of luck but on the rate of dedication that is engaged once a project undertaken.

Dedication produces perseverance, courage, passion and desire!

Dedication is not in the mind but in the heart and, therefore, the in the values ​​we believe in and invest our lives on!

Today, if you think your pace is slowing down and that your steps are stumbling, measuring the rate of your dedication is the only way you can pick up the right steps that will lead you to the success of your projects!

The strongest and most effective words of Jesus were spoken on the cross when He said, IT IS FINISHED!

The secret of the achievement of his purpose which involved the death on the cross was certainly the dedication he had to his plan to reconnect humanity with the Father, even at the cost of his life!

May these words awaken in us the dedication necessary to accomplish the projects that make our individual life worth living!

Guy Sottile

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