The word for today is dynamic!

When I think of a dynamic person, I think of someone who is engaging, enthusiastic, warm, caring, positive, charismatic and compelling!

We would all like to be dynamic people because the dynamic person is like a magnet that draws attention to himself and his projects.

Unfortunately not everyone has a dynamic personality and thinks that this is a handicap for his relationships .

Nevertheless, reflecting more deeply on the word dynamism, it turns out that being only dynamic is not alone sufficient for success!

The word that comes to mind alongside dynamism is RELIABILITY. In fact the majority of dynamic people, often, are not reliable!

Dynamism makes us enter into the heart of the people but is reliability and dependability that makes us remain in the hearts and sympathies of the people.

Being reliable means being honest , showing off what we really are inside!

Let us strive to be dynamic people but without reliability our every effort will be leading to an immediate success that will not last for long making our efforts vain!

To be is better than to do!

This is the reason why to Moses’ question to God “ Who are you”, He answered: I AM!

Dynamism + reliability = Positive influence that lasts for ever!

Guy Sottile

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