The word for today is Success!

The word for today is Success!

To succeed, one must not pursue success, BUT VALUE.

Becoming people of value in a specific area will draw attention on us!

The value we represent does not lead us to success but attracts success!

In growing to significance and value, we become people who produce solutions to people’s needs!

The more our value increases the more our success increases!

If you become an expert in many areas, a jack of all trades, the percentage of value that we could have in one specific area decreases.

You can be of a good value in different areas and masters in none.

Let’s move from Ordinary to Extraordinary focusing on our strength and not on our weaknesses!

Think of Tiger Woods, Barbara Striesan, Michael Jordan, Alberto Tomba and many others: their success derives from the value they have achieved in a specific area!

What value do you give to your talent?

What will you be remembered for?

Jesus of Nazareth made himself full of value: He declared that if a person was hungry he was the bread of life!

If a person was thirsty, he was the water of life!

As a person what value do you give to yourself?

Start today intentionally to invest in becoming a person of value and success will be the natural consequence of your investment!

Guy Sottile

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