Getting old!

Today my mom turns 88 and this reflection is dedicated to her 🙂

The word for today is growing old!

Life is like a roll of toilet paper. When coming to an end it seems to go away more quickly.

Many think that with aging they are loosing energy. But when you were younger you had energy, but also more stupidity and less discernment!

Life is made up of seasons, and each season has to be lived fully! That is why we must appreciate today!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come, what matters is today that brings us closer or farther from the goals that we have set for our lives! Today is the only thing that we can control.

Many live under the influence of past fear and mistakes or the anxiety about what can happen tomorrow, thus polluting the value of today!

Let us embrace with hope and anticipation the season of our life in which we find ourselves in, and rejoice in it!

Getting older does not mean how old we are or what year we were born, but how we use the best of our present.

Hope is the paint of our future over past disappointments that must be painted with our actions of TODAY!

Let us rejoice in our present and in the season of life we are in and we will be eternally young!

Guy Sottile

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