The word for today is Joy!

The word for today is joy!

Joy is a condition that we choose!

We choose to have joy, we do not expect it like a Manna from heaven!!

I dare to even say that a fake joy is better than a genuine depression 🙂

If we choose to have joy sooner or later it will come: it is our choice!

Here are a few characteristics of joy:

Generosity : we always choose to give because giving is better than receiving!

Be intentional in adding value to others.

Avoid what is negative and feed on the positive. If we sow the positive we will produce positive results.

Invest in worthy people and worthy things! Joy flows from the objects of our investment. If our object is valueless so will be our investment too!

Always expect the best from our day.

If we do these things, the real joy will come for sure because we have it already, we just have to bring it out!

Guy Sottile

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