The word for today is TODAY!

The general tendency is always to overestimate the past and the future and underestimate the present!

How many times we have heard phrases like: those were that good old times! or when we have achieved what we aspire to then we will see some beautiful things happen!

Yet the past has gone and will never return, while the future may never come because no one knows when our earthly life will cease to exist!

What matters is TODAY, because what we do today brings us closer or moves us away from the goals we have set for ourselves!

Every day is a unique and wonderful gift that is given to us, we must use it to the fullest!

Every day of our life influences and prepares the next day!

What we want to become tomorrow is 100% determined by what we do today!

May your every day be the preview of what you want to become tomorrow!

Guy Sottile

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