The word for today is Christmas!

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you what Christmas means to me.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the word DIGNITY. In a time of great social and financial crisis, the complaining does not seem to be the best thing to do especially for those who call themselves Christians!

Joseph and Mary did not complain about the failure to find a suitable place to give birth to Jesus, but with DIGNITY, found a place, even if very humble, to proceed with the plan of God for their lives.

They certainly would have wished for a better place but if they only complained, they would have lost not only their dignity but also the opportunity to fulfill the plan of God through their lives.

In this critical moment, what is it easier to do: lose our dignity or use our creativity to find an alternative to God’s plan for our lives?

The second word that comes to my mind is ALTERNATIVE.

Joseph and Mary with dignity looked for an alternative and found it in a barn.

They have no heating but find an ox and a donkey to produce heat. They didn’t have a cradle but found a manger. They did have light but found the light coming from the moon and the stars.

Where there is dignity there always be the possibility of finding an alternative motivated by the fact that God’s plan will always be accomplished if we allow ourselves to be guided by Him!

One proverb that always encourages me is that God will make a way where there seems to be no way!

The third word that comes to mind is FILTER.

In times of crisis, I always wonder WHY, why me, why God does not seem to provide what I think I need.

The main reason is that our alternatives that seem foolish for the human minds always create a filter through which God connects us to the right people who love us for who we are and what we stand for and NOT for what we have and show. The magi worshiped Jesus for who he was, that is a king even if born in a manger!

I am convinced that what we are is worth more than what we have and show.

Christmas clarifies from the outset that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is great and big inside and that he is interested in changing our hearts rather than our outward appearance!

Therefore, my wish is that this Christmas will remove unnecessary earthly and fleshly complaints and will reveal through our lives DIGNITY, ALTERNATIVE and FILTERS by which we can connect with the people with whom we want to invest our lives to fulfill the plan that God has in mind for each of us!

Merry Christmas!

Guy Sottile

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