The word for today is enriching!

This word implies a sense of abundance. When I think of a person who enriches me, I think of a person who improves my life.

This person improves my life mentally with what he says,and improves me at the level of experience sharing experiences from his own life.

Actually who enriches me makes me a better person!

Clearly we can not enrich if we don’t have something positive to share.

In fact we can not give to others something that we ourselves do not have!

Enriching means that I have something of value that I want to deposit in someone’s life: we teach what we know but we reproduce what others see that we do successfully!

So we can enrich people by giving an abundant perspective of life, placing in them the elements that add value to their potential.

Who we are enriching today? Who are the people we are laying the positive things we experience in our lives? What real actions that have borne fruit in our lives we are, intentionally, sharing with those less wealthy than us?

Enriching does not mean redistribute from the rich to the poor: enriching means sharing the principles that have enriched me with those who are not rich!

The true concept of wealth lies not in what we have but in who we are.

The best way to invest our wealth DOES NOT have as its main object the multiplication of what we own but OF WHAT WE ARE!

Let’s identify the right people who want and need to be enriched, revealing to them the principles that have changed our hearts, renewed our minds and marked our way of being and doing!

Enriching, adding value to those around us, should be the driving force behind everything we do!

Guy Sottile

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