The word for today is circumstances,

The circumstances that come to us daily are an irreversible and inevitable fact.

They are life events, they are the components of life!

There are two types of people:

Those who accept the circumstances and those who control them.

People who accept them show a perspective of life that I would call passive.

In other words, they look forward to the circumstances and hope to come out with as little damage as possible.

Other people, on the contrary, do not passively accept them but wait for them having a strategy to win!

The difference lies in the fact that most people accept passively while others lead their lives through circumstances that are often unfavorable.

Lead your life and do not be controlled by it!

I remember when I was on the boat I found myself in Corsica before facing the straight of Bonifacio. The waves were huge and the sea strengthened was at level 8.

Most sailors landed in a crowded bay and agreed to stop while I and 2 other boats used all our nautical knowledge to cross over.

We practically refused to be controlled by negative circumstances and led our boats through the swirling sea.

Eventually we arrived in Sardinia where a calm and crystalline sea was waiting for us.

Those who stayed in Corsica were stuck there for 5 days while I enjoyed a nice vacation.

I did not allow the circumstances to lead, but I faced them by controlling them.

The difference was in the positive attitude I have to face every day and all the circumstances, both negative and positive.

Win the circumstances and not be won by them!

This is the difference between those who are successful and those who are not!

The circumstances do not form us, we form ourselves by controlling the circumstances of our lives.

If this week you will face negative circumstances do not react unprepared.

Remember the leader does not react but he acts, this is his main feature!

Guy Sottile

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