The word for today is fortitude.

One of the activities that Sondra and I did with our daughters was to visit the Spanish fortresses on the Tyrrhenian coast of our beautiful Italy.

Especially in western Tuscany and in the islands of the archipelago.

Unforgettable Cape Stella in Argentario and Giglio Island Castle!

What struck us was the impressive structure and thickness of any fortress.

Following the directions of the brochure, we read all the attacks that these forts had suffered and how it was impossible to overcome them to the point that some of them never got conquered by the enemy!

Their lasting strength was such that even in World War II , they were used as strategic locations.

Their secret laid in the foundations that were very thick and deep.

They were built to last and stay and to show impressive strength.

In our lives the word fortitude is essential.


An attitude that reflects the qualities of a fortress! It means building an attitude that resists adversity. An attitude that does not yield to the attacks of those who want to hurt us, that does not bend in the face of difficulties.

It means that although we can not control what comes out against us, criticisms, disappointments, broken promises, oppression, injustice and falsehood, WE CAN CONTROL what is happening inside of us because the foundations of our life are strong and durable and, therefore, I have a strength of soul and mind that allows me to win every day.

If fortitude is not one of our strong points, our forte, I hope that this reflection will stimulate you to look at the foundations of your life to see if it is founded upon a rock or on a sandy soil.

Jesus in all his teachings always pointed attention to the foundation and not on appearance!

Who builds his soul, gives himself fortitude and protects it , he is the one who has discovered the true success of a lifetime.

Guy Sottile

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