The word for today is skeptical!

In my life I have always been surrounded by skeptical people. This is because I started to be a leader since I was 18 years old. My young age and my high aspirations have always attracted critics and skeptics around me.

So I had to learn right away that not everyone would understand my intentions, supporting my programs and my goals, and that not all would get on the train of my dreams!

Credibility and trust need time, also for those who are not skeptics!

So it would be a waste to wait until even the skeptics believe in us before hitting the ground and running in building the vision we have for our lives!

We must also add that those who are skeptical even though we try to please them, not necessarily will change their mind!

I remember Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus, where The rich man lying in the underworld tells Abraham to send a prophet to announce to his family about the actual existence after death. Abraham responds that even if they saw a dead rise again, they (the skeptics) would not believe!

Therefore, not everyone will get on the train of our vision, but this must not affect the enthusiasm and determination that must distinguish our life.

Let us use the skeptics to fuel even more our batteries and let us ignore their negativity!

Guy Sottile

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