Built for Action!

Built and designed for action.

Excellence always requires a high price to be reached! It takes everything we have to become what we want, it is not a manna that falls from the sky!

We must be willing to pay the price for success. Do not disperse your energies to find shortcuts to success. Look for shortcuts will result in a life full of disappointments and defeats!

Excellence is never granted. You will never find a call to excellence with the discount card attached to it. If that happens then we are faced with a convenient shorthand that is totally destructive!

The great Tolstoy said that man can not be at the same time idol and at rest. Resting energy and save money while on vacation, when you are tired is when you need to recharge your batteries and this is a natural thing to do.

But if this habit becomes the rule of our lives with which we want to climb success and grab excellence, then we are headed for a road that leads to the destruction of our lives and shatter our dreams!

We were built for action, and if we do not act we do not feel well, but mostly we do not feel fulfilled.

We are all a tool designed to do and when we do not act we deny the purpose for which we were created. Of course we must equip ourselves for action. We need to put the right fuel. If we do not have a diesel car we do not put diesel fuel in it.

Therefore it is crucial to put the right fuel in the engine of our minds and our creativity.

We must have a clear goal. Do not act just to act. Our actions must have a clear goal, represented by the vision for which we were created. Understanding the purpose of our individual existence is the foundation of our actions.

We also need to draw a path and not deviate ever from it. The course is outlined by the principles that motivate our actions. Out of those principles you go off the path and exit the race with sometimes irreparable consequences!

Out of the right path we find suffering, disputes, breakdown of relationships, shame and confusion. Often taking shortcuts results in efforts to go out of the way that our Creator has designed for us. Keeping yourself in the right path glorifies the One who has created us and amplifies the purpose for which we were created, sealing our success!

Created for the action and ready to pay the price for success is the profile of those who live a life worth living without regret.

Acting wrongly, passing from a shortcut to the other, on the contrary, leads to a life insipid that eventually produces only regrets. If you still have not done it, it is time to take action with regard to the finishing line in order to say: It is DONE, the purpose for which I was created I did it and did it faithfully without cutting corners and without savings, but above all without regrets.

Many remember Jesus for the cross, but few for his statement on the cross: IT IS DONE!

GUY Sottile

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